Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday, Monday

I've never been big on locking doors. Not sure why, just seems lame. Pat always locked his car and it still got stolen. Twice. Well, it took them two tries, but still, it was locked both times. I didn't start locking my car till the whole peeping tom thing a few years ago. And even then not until the morning when I swear he or maybe someone else, was in my car.

For most of the year I go out and start my car when getting ready for work. I now make sure to lock it while it's started. I'm also convinced that I've seen enough cops on the news telling people not to leave their cars running in the winter, that I'm just setting myself up. Same goes for the house. I probably shouldn't be admitting some of this to internet world, but we went over three years with the lock to our front door broken. It wasn't till we were going to be gone for a week last summer that I decided we should probably get that fixed.

Back to this morning. Monday. Ughhh. Look outside, it snowed. Again. Ughhh. So I put on my heavy coat and go out to start the car. Come back in, finish getting ready. Look up the weather online and see that it's not supposed to snow anymore today so I figure I won't take my heavy coat with me and will just take a sweater. Get ready to leave, lock the front door, take about four steps and realize my keys are in my coat pocket. Inside. The locked house. My other key is inside the started car. The locked car. Awesome.

Luckily I did have my cell phone. I knew Pat still has a key to the apartment so I called and asked if he would come help me out. Next call to my luckily very understanding boss. Nothing better than being 20 minutes late to work on Monday when you are the person that opens the office.

There I am standing in the cold. Waiting. Wishing I had brought my coat for more reasons than the keys. Waiting. Now because this is internet world I have to be a little vauge. But I started thinking about a way that I might be able to get back in the house. Try it. It works. Not sure why I couldn't have had that thought 20 minutes earlier. Oh well.

Mondays and snow just keeping climbing up that ladder of love for me. Moral of the story, it's lame to lock your doors.


The Mathews Four said...

I honestly thought you were going to say that your car was stolen. I'm just glad you were locked out of the house! :D But I bet by the time you got into your car it was really nice and warm, right?!

Wade The Rascal said...

I usually lock my keys in my car twice a year. It hasn't happened yet for '09. Looks like I'm due.

Kristen said...

Not only do we leave our cars unlocked, we leave our keys in the ignition. It's a small town thing I guess.