Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fake Nails Protect You

Just in case you all thought that cars were the only thing Will played with, this is what he picked out at the dollar store today with his dad.

In case you can't tell, that's a cosmetic set. I'm not gonna comment. I will say that every time he sees a commercial for a doll that you apply makeup on or do her hair, he always says he wants that for his birthday. I just say, well that's still a long time away.

Just now Will wheeled his bin of cars into the living room and I said he needed to pick up the other toys before he got those out. He asked what toys and I said he needed to pick up his makeup set. He turned to me and said, it's not a makeup set mom, it's a first aid kit. Oh.

Me: How is that a first aid set, what do you use that stuff for?
Will: See, these are for first aid (pointing to the rings)
M: How do they help you
W: You put them on your finger (slides it on) and it protects your owie that is right there
M: What about the other stuff
W: These things..
M: barrettes, they go in your hair
W: Yeah, cause if your hair goes flat, it help them
W: And these (sliding on the fake nails) they protect your fingers
M: How does the fake lipstick help you
W: It helps your lips be protected
W: How come you keep saying about the fake stuff? You can say a lot


Andrea said...

Oh Will! He's hilarious. I'm going to start calling my mascara "eyelash protectant".

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