Sunday, March 8, 2009

Funny Bunny

I recently realized that I have been drifting through life. Just blindly floating through years and years of holidays and holiday mascots. Readily accepting gifts from these mystical creatures without ever asking questions. It's not till you have an inquisitive 3 yr old that you realize how easily you accept how things are. I wonder, was I like my son when I was 3? Did I have all these questions and concerns and just grew out of it? Did my parents give me the answers to such questions, or did I ever ask them? Lately when we go to bed and I tell Will we need to lay down and be quite, I get the following statement. "But mom, I need to tell you a few questions."

I think someone needs to create a Holidays for Dummies book. This book would include all of those background stories that just never seem to be told about our holidays and traditions. Sure some things vary from family to family and kid to kid, but someone needs to help me out. I think Christmas is taken care of. I can give the explanation on Santa. You’re good you get toys. Santa lives in the North Pole, somewhere you will never go so I don’t need to worry about you ever seeing him except at the mall. And Will is too shy to ever go near Santa, so I don't really need to go to deep on that one. The rest of the year he is busy making toys with the elves. Magic reindeer, loves cookies and milk, got it.

What I need to know is what the hell is up with the Easter Bunny? Will and I were in the car and he asked what the next holiday was. He was asking because he wanted to know the next time he was going to get a present, cause I bought him one for Valentines Day. I decided to skip the holiday of his Irish heritage and move onto Easter. Yeah, you will get a present on Easter. From who? The Easter Bunny. Who’s the Easter Bunny? Ummm…a bunny that comes and gives us presents. How come? Cause it’s Easter. What kind of presents? Well, eggs, candy, stuff like that. Eggs? Why does the bunny bring me eggs? Anyone? Where does the bunny live? Ummm…in the mountains. Where is he right now? Hibernating? What’s hibernating? How does he get in our house to leave us presents? He is magic like Santa.

And you can’t ever go into the religious significance, cause that really doesn’t help explain the bunny. I think I’ve heard the egg part has something to do with birth and rebirth, so I get the Easter connection. Just not sure how it ended up being a large fuzzy bunny that delivers those eggs to us. Even if there was a Charlie Brown Easter Special it might be helpful. Is there a Charlie Brown Easter Special that I missed?

My father-in-law used to go make white flour bunny footprints on the lawn Easter morning so the kids could see that the Easter Bunny had been there. I hear stories like that and see all the fun things people did for their kids just for Valentines Day and think, wow, I really am lazy. I love the idea of really getting involved in holidays and enjoying this time when Will is little and still believes what ever I tell him. (unless I tell him it's bedtime) But when it comes down to getting up 30 minutes early to get something ready before he gets up, or sleeping for another 30 minutes, my pillow usually wins. I guess that's another benefit to those people that have bedtimes for their kids.

I am going to publicly (to the 10 people that read my blog) commit to making the rest of this year a holiday palooza! I'm not exactly sure what that means, but I figure it gives me a little wiggle room. So here's to a year full of fun and exciting times that Will will probably never remember. Maybe I should hold off a few more years to get creative.

And because a blog is always more exciting with pictures, here is a picture of the Easter Bunny from Provo's Easter Egg Hunt last year.

The girl in the black coat doesn't seem that excited. Now compare that picture with Zippy (our departments mascot) who also made an appearance.

Can you feel the love? This year Zippy is going to be the main attraction decked out with custom made bunny ears.

And here is a picture of Will's first Easter. The only time that kid ever had a fat roll. I remember this photo session with Will and Lucia. Will just sat there smiling right at the camera the whole time. Long gone are those days.


Maiken said...

I don't know the significance of the bunny either- especially considering bunnies don't lay eggs. Thankfully Lucia hasn't asked this tough question. :)

Megan said...

I'm glad I don't have to deal with those questions for a while!! My parents told us one year (I think I was about 10) that the Easter bunny died. No joke. It broke our hearts because it meant we would no longer get baskets full of candy either. A bit too cruel for my taste...

Wade The Rascal said...

Good blog Kari. A quick look on google search and I believe a bunny was used because of spring and fertility and bunnies being known to be very fertile. (Ever heard the phrase, "Doin' it like rabbits?") Anyway, so your summation of the egg sort of does tie in with the bunny. I'm glad I read your blog because it caused me to learn something knew.

Kari said...

Thanks Wade. So do you think I should explain to Will that the Easter Bunny is part of Easter because bunnies like to get it on?

Susie said...

I can't believe Megan, whomever you are, had parents that told her the Easter Bunny died. How traumatic! You're a great mommy, Kari. Just do your own traditions in your house, and things will be great. :)

Bonnie said...

That is an interesting question and info about the Easter bunny. My little sister joined the Jewish faith and now she gets after us all for following the Pagan ways.

How can you take that away from the kids?