Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas in Pictures

I've been pretty onry for the past few days so I don't really feel like blogging...but I know if I don't put these up now, nothing will get posted. So here is my Christmas recap in pictures.

Will told me tilting his head makes cute pictures

The crowd on the Eve

sausage and olives for dinner...well its Christmas

Luke using the star light to examine uncle Jef's tongue

the cleaning crew

Jesus wants you to sanitize before knocking

the opening of the eve pajamas...

clothes? what do you mean all I get to open is clothes

auntie M to the rescue with cooler pj's

yep...its Legos

snuggling with blankie from aunt B

trying to assist in the Lego construction

finished products...and a tilted head for cuteness effect

new computer from dad

showing Meghan Lego Designer

cousin project on Lego Designer

Festivus Feats of Strength...Jackie 1 - Zen 0

boxing gloves uncle Will gave to the kids
(fyi - Alex has no natural aggression)

Papa makes a great punching bag


Swede_Lady said...

It was a bit of an odd holiday in parts, but also very fun.

Britta said...

I love them! I got warm fuzzies looking at everything - wish we were there, but we did have a blast in Pittsburgh.

Ella calls the head-tilt "working it."

I love his face when he's opening the pj's and the one of him with the blanket - for different reasons.

I would totally kick Alex's butt with gloves.

And I'm sorry that Zen got bit, but the Festivas tie in was pretty awesome.

Andrea said...

tilting his head DOES make cute pictures!