Sunday, December 6, 2009

NOT a tradition

Last year Maiken and I bought ginger bread houses for the kids thinking it would be a fun tradition to start. This was the result.

A few trees for roof support, lots of dripping icing, but the kids had a great time. And my face hurt from laughing afterwards. (btw - that icing was NOT applied by a child) So last weekend while at IKEA we saw some gingerbread houses and thought we would give it another try, and its from IKEA so it has to be part of a family tradition (our family is swedish).

Dear IKEA, You make cool furniture and great kids dishes, your food is pretty good, but your gingerbread houses suck!

Who has ever bought a gingerbread house kit that didn't include icing or candy? Lameness.

Kids working together on Will's house, Lucia's was under HUD Homes repairs

At least kids have no concept of their mom's preconceived visions of activities, and still just have fun.


Wade The Rascal said...

Love it. We began that last year as well and hope to keep it an ongoing tradition. We'll be doing it next week. It's going to be awesome. Break out the eggnog.

Britta said...

I think it's awesome. I was talking to my friend about it yesterday, and she said her Mom eventually just started leaving the room when they did it - just let the kids go for it!

But that's super lame, Ikea - come on!

Maiken said...

When I look at it as something the kids can take over and decorate for the holiday then I stress less about it.