Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Published Part II?

Just over a year ago I was contacted about having a photo I took in London used in a online photo guidebook. I was pretty shocked especially because I thought it was a pretty random picture that they picked. But still a pretty flattering thing.

Well a few days ago I was emailed about the possibility of using a picture I took for a Parks and Rec magazine. When I got the email and read it was for a P&R thing I just assumed that it was one of some work pics I had put online at Flickr, but weren't actually ones I took. I told them sure, go ahead. Didn't think much of it, was just curious which of those pics they had wanted because I didn't think any of them were very noteworthy.

So they sent me a copy of the proof today, and much to my surprise, it was a picture I took, of Will! Again, I never would have picked that picture to be published and I still don't think its that great a shot, just happened to include a subject they were looking for, rubber playground mulch. Who would have thought taking a pic of your kid at the Kanab playground could turn into your child showing up in a national magazine.

The thing I was also really excited about is its in the NRPA magazine. Now anyone who doesn't work in my department will think, umm...ok...but this is a big deal people! We are actually members of NRPA at work and receive this magazine! I can't wait for it to come in the mail.

Again a little weird feeling because I happen to personally know some amazing photographers, so to just have some random shot of mine published, actually just makes me want to get a really nice camera, take a class, and just dive in and learn a lot more about the art. Haven't stopped smiling, definitely made my day :)

(Oh and just a hint, post your pics on Flickr, apparently people search there a lot)
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Wade The Rascal said...


Patrick said...

I've always known Will had model potential.

Britta said...

That is awesome! Definitely something to keep in a memory book for you and Will. And I thought the idea of using old rubber stamps was brilliant.

Andrea said...

Awesome! You're famous!

Sue said...

Wow Miss Kari. Now your kid is in a magazine! Whoah. I'm blown away!

Lucy said...

That is soooooo cool!

Maiken said...

Very cool, again! ;D

Tracie Bramhall said...

Love it! NRPA-what more could you hope for:) Side note-you have a very creative artistic eye. You could very easily do photography and do it well. At least that is my opinion.