Sunday, June 13, 2010


Just got back from a weekend in Orderville. Orderville interesting place. I was wrong on my Foto Friday post. According to the last census there were 596 people. Huge difference. The population is 97% caucasian, but this is Utah. There is actually an interesting history there about the city being formed by Brigham Young as part of the United Order a voluntary commune for the LDS church. Which seems fitting that Keeley, Will and Alex have moved there, because except for that studio in SL Keeley and Will have always lived in a commune of sorts.

We went down to help them put in a garden in their new place. Future garden spot, post weeding. The dogs were all very helpful watchers.

Two raised beds finished

Mom stayed to try and help get in a third smaller one. I wish I'd taken a picture of all the plants my mom brought down to put in them. They will definitely need all three. We would have actually gotten some planting done but had a small issue getting soil and our endeavors kept being interrupted by the weather.

Lesson for the day. If you are helping lets say build wooden beds. And lets say two of the boards aren't exactly lining up together and you think, I'll just smack it with the palm of my hand as hard as possible to get them in the right spot. It will be ineffective. However, if you are trying to create a large blood blister on your hand, very effective.

We did get two beds of flowers in after clearing out some grass. Can't wait to see pictures of the garden all planted. So take some you guys!

The rainy weather did leave lots of time for napping.

And lots of time for reading. Keeley recommended I read the Edward Abbey book Black Sun. Wow. I LOVED it. Great recommendation for me. I need to get back into reading. I'm gonna check out some more of his this week.

The first night there we went to local hot spot Buffalo Bistro for dinner. This welcomes you in.

This is the kind of place that has a cult following and always gets a visit from us. My sister Keeley is now working in the kitchen there part-time on the weekends. I'm not sure the last time I saw someone come home from work grinning and say, man I sure do love that job. I need one of those jobs.

This is the hanging plant at Buffalo Bistro that I hit my head on four times. I always was a fast learner. Future diners, you've been warned.

Dinner the next night was a much more extravagant make-shift bbq.

And the only time marshmallows are acceptable to be eaten

View across the street at the high school. Each year the graduating class climbs up and paints their class number on the mountain. There are many other non-painted mountains surrounding their view.

This morning time for goodbye doggy piles. Will was not going to be distracted.

Goodbye kisses

And we were off. Stopped to say goodbye to the local sheriff.

She seemed to be sleeping on the job. Very pretty though.

A little small town humor

Soon after Will got sick and ended up throwing up five times on the way back. Thanks to a kid that is good at warning and holding it till we could get a cup back to him, and thanks to a very helpful sister Maiken, the mess was limited. It was hard exchanging him over to his dad when I just wanted to take the little guy home and cuddle him all better.

Except for that last part, a good weekend. Thanks everyone. I stopped at a gas station after dropping off Will and had this gem of a conversation to round out the day.

him: I didn't know people still wore peace sign shirts. Not that there is anything wrong with it. You just don't see it anymore.
me: Well I'm sort of an anomaly around here.

So from me and my shirt. Peace out.


Maiken said...

It was quite the trip. Orderville is definitely very different from Kanab.

I hope Will feels better soon!

Marty Wombacher said...

Looks like a nice trip, except for the throw up. The Buffalo Bistro looks like my kind of place, what did you have there?

Britta said...

I still have not been to any southern Utah commune. :(

That sheriff dummy seriously creeps me out. The rest, minus the puke, sounds awesome.

Kari said...

I was very lame this time and got the vegetarian pasta. Last time I had the rabbit rattlesnake sausage which was good. And tried my parents buffalo and boar ribs. Not a big fan of ribs but have to admit the boar ribs were pretty damn good.