Saturday, June 26, 2010

Laughs and Tears

Tonight we were invited up to Salt Lake to go to a free movie in the park with my cousins. Pre-movie at their apt, Lucia was very entertained with the snails outside.

And don't even think about just taking a bench from the complex. They're one step ahead of you.

So off to the movie. Three Amgois. Which I've actually never seen anything more than just clips of. It was a lot of fun and good company. I mean how could you not have fun with this bunch.

And for Katy. We didn't get a face shot but this girl was rockin her clown size venetian blind glasses. I swear Max Headroom used to wear glasses like that. Not the clown size ones, but he venetian blind ones. But Google did not agree with me. Does anyone else remember that? Maybe a made up memory. I have those.

After the movie we were walking back to our cars and I was telling my cousin Emily how much I love that area of town. All of the houses are gorgeous. The picture I took of my favorite didn't turn out, but here's an example.

Not a great pic, but all nice homes, beautiful yards, and I was mentioning how much I love Salt Lake. And times like that really make me want to move up there. I just love the feel in that part of town. Then we got to our cars and found these on our windows.

I take back that part about loving Salt Lake. Thanks for reminding me of one of the evils of big cities, parking. Now I will fully admit that I did see the no parking after 10 p.m. signs. (movie started at 9) But every street around the park had those signs. And everyone else was parking there. So we figured they aren't gonna ticket 100 cars at an event sponsored by the city when there isn't even a parking lot at the park are they? Guess so.

Now I will pay my $30, but accompanying that check will be a letter stating that maybe they can use the estimated $3,000 they just made in parking fines to build a parking lot at the park. Or at least make sure on the advertising to mention parking issues and maybe give suggestions where you can park. Because apparently you can't park at the park!! I have already sent an email also to the event organizers suggesting the same.

Ok, time for home. Welcomed back into Utah County with dead stop construction traffic. Awesome. Exactly what I needed to end the night. UDOT, I greatly appreciate your electronic signs warning of upcoming traffic issues. Maybe, maybe instead of saying "Congestion ahead", you could try "3 of the 4 traffic lanes are closed. Get the hell off the freeway." Just a suggestion.

I need a massage. And I'm really not looking forward to driving back up to Salt Lake in the morning.


Marty Wombacher said...

Sorry the night ended up on a bad note, but the movie part looked like fun. Like a drive-in movie in a park. I miss drive-in movies.

Britta said...

Yes - he did wear those glasses! Pretty sure he's in the second Back to the Future movie in them.

I hope Em was posing with that pizza, or she's going to kill you for that photo. ;)

Kari said...

I miss drive-in movies too. If I was really rich I would open one. Just for fun and to pass on the memories. I have many.

Brit, I asked everyone if they wanted to be in a picture or if I should just take the kids and they said hell yes. And that is what I got lol.

The Mathews Family said...

So that "free" movie in the park ended up being $30 for anyone who drove, eh? So wrong! My parents live up in the Avenues and I find the same thing. It's very hard to park anywhere near their house... especially at Christmas time.

Swede_Lady said...

Lucia could have stayed and played with those snails. If we make it up to any of the other movies we'll have to scope out a good parking space with plenty of time to spare.