Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lucky Streak

So last week it seemed like maybe I was having a lucky streak. Lottery tickets were graciously purchased in my honor. Turns out my luck does not travel to NY. Sorry Marty! But I got my PA scratch offs in the mail, and guess what?! Wait for it....wait for it...I WON!

$2. I want my two dollars!

Better than nothing right? Tangent that will return...the building I live in has swamp coolers in the upper units (although I heard from a friend that used to live in them that they aren't good) and the bottom units have a little window ac unit. That does absolutely nothing to cool the air. It does make a lot of noise if you want to create ambiance with really annoying motor sounds. I choose not to.

So last week...noticed that the building across from mine had ac units installed in the back of the lower units. Like REAL ac. Not fake window fan ac. So hopes started building...then on Saturday the apt. next to mine had one installed. Now hope is really building except for the odd fact that I haven't heard anything from my landlord. Isn't this something I would hear about? Is everyone getting ac except for me? Could it be?

Last night I went for a hike up the canyon, out of cell range. When I came back into range I had a message. From my landlord. Yay! Telling me that they would need to get into my apt this week. Yay! So that they could run a line through my furnace room to the upper unit where they are installing ac. What the!?! Of course now when I go back and look I can see the lines all running up the walls on the previously installed. But man what a tease.

Enjoy your ac upper neighbors. Someday you may be mine. But for now I am officially declaring my lucky streak, or moment, or flash, over.

NOT my ac waiting to be installed. Just a tease. At least we have had a unusually cool summer so far. Please don't let the weather change just because I said that.

ETA: I JUST got this email: "Is it too HOT outside? Sears has all your AC needs"


Kristen said...

Do you watch How I Met Your Mother!?!

Marty Wombacher said...

I have a noisy little window AC unit, but it's cooling my apartment right now. Two bucks? Good for you, my advice is to go gamble it somewhere and let it ride!

Kari said...

Kristen I don't. I've seen a few episodes but that's it.

Marty, Vegas here I come!

Lucy said...

Have you thought about asking your landlord when you're getting your ac unit? I know that goes against the grain with you, but it would probably be worth it.

Britta said...

No kidding - you need to ask when you're getting yours!

If you mail that back to me, and then I mail your winnings back to you, you'll still have won just over a dollar!!! Or you could reinvest it in a new ticket. :)

Swede_Lady said...
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Swede_Lady said...

Here is where I'm typically the odd sister out because I would call your landlord and nicely ask when your AC unit would be installed. Even Britta would ask! Create your luck and go get it!

Kari said...

Nice thought but I don't see that happening. Baby steps.