Monday, June 28, 2010

And here we have Idaho

When I was a little kid my grandpa Huntsman took us a few times on trips that required passing the Idaho state border. Such times called for this...ok so grandpa didn't throw in the "yeah!" but you get the point. While in Idaho this weekend we got news that my grandma Huntsman passed away. There are some mixed feelings about that situation so I'm not gonna write more now. But we'll miss you grandma!

So back to this weekend. Back in May apparently my cousin Sara got married. I along with many others, heard about said wedding when we received her reception announcement in the mail. It was a very small ceremony on the side of a mountain. Very fitting for Sara. So the parents, Maiken and the kids and I trekked it up for a short visit yesterday.

The kids were most excited about the hotel. Apparently large beds, and beds where you can see the tv are all it really takes to make a kid happy.

I on the other hand was most impressed with the kitchen. If your hotel room has a nicer kitchen than you do is it, A) a sign that you are staying in a very nice hotel, or B) a sign that you have a crappy kitchen.

And lets not forget the microwave popcorn waiting, with its own popcorn bowl

Ok on to Dan and Gail's house, which sadly I had never been too before. And since I'm pretty sure one of my other sister's has never either, a few pics.

Free-range chickens. They have quite the spread. And love popcorn. Not from our hotel, just a coincidence.

Part of the garden and view

Deck that I would love. If I had a view. And a house.

Now off to the town to find the right golf course where the reception was. And don't be fooled! There are 2 golf courses, on the same road. To add to the joy of driving in Pocatello, there are many one-way streets. Guess the grid system didn't make it up past the Utah border. And there are also streets that just don't exist according to google maps. Damn google maps. Slight detour along the way, but hey a cool playground!

Yeah I know I couldn't get a good shot, but remember when all playgrounds seemed to have large tractor tires? Maybe just here? And tire swings. And old wood play structures that gave you horrible splinters but just seemed more fun? Or maybe its just cause I was a kid back then.

Back on the road. A little pie hole anyone?

Made it to the golf course. I don't think I'm part of the country club crowd. I did love the mix in the bathroom of the metal lockers and the leather benches. Shabby Chic?

A friend of Sara's made the cake and decorated all of these cupcakes with butterfly chocolates. They were pretty cool.

The happy couple. Definitely NOT your typical wedding. Yes those are the outfits they were married in. Again very Sara and I love that it was her.

Sadly I did not get a good picture of Will showing off his break dancing moves on the dance floor.

Lucia found a very willing dance partner in Gail

Today we got up and took advantage of the hotel pool. Except that Lucia forgot the bottoms to her swim suit, and I only grabbed Will's floaty raft and NOT the floaty ring. Oh well. They some how survived. And I was actually able to swim a few laps which I love. But I have fears about swimming laps at the city pool even though I could get in for free. But not the point.

Gail's family were all going over to Fort Hall on the way home, so we tagged along.

Will wanted to run around and play solider. I'm not good at playing solider.

Why hello mr. bear

And someone, who shall remain nameless feed the elk some leaves. No it wasn't Will.

It was a very pretty elk though. And I really wanted to pets its fuzzy antlers. But I respect the separation we must have from animals. Yes I'm looking at you. You know who.

On the drive back I noticed my oil change sticker and that I am very close to having driven 3,000 miles in one month. That's just a tad too much. Its been a fun month, but I need a break. And I'm extra glad that I took that automotive class and found out that you do NOT need to change your oil every 3,000 miles. Its a scam people!

And so long from the road.


Wade The Rascal said...

Well done. You have so much more fun than I do. I'm jealous. For now, I'll live vicariously through you and your blog.

Swede_Lady said...

Yeah I fed that elk leaves that she couldn't reach from her side of the tree. She was very appreciative so I think she'll vouch for me. ;p

Britta said...

I've always wanted to see Dan and Gail's house, so thank you! I want some chickens - but I'm not sure if the township allows it.

That kitchen is much nicer than mine too. Sigh.

Marty Wombacher said...

Wow, quite a trip. The hotel room looked great and the kitchen looked as big as my whole apartment! Sorry to hear about your grandma though.

Kari said...

Wade its only because I left out the crying kids and 4 people trying to sleep in one bed. Selective blogging :)

Thanks Marty