Sunday, August 29, 2010

Foto Friday (slight delay)

Well on Friday I was on my way down to Orderville to see family. And they are few years behind down there. So lets just say its like I came back to Friday.

On the way down we stopped in Glendale because my sister Keeley had the honor of running the grill that night at the Buffalo Bistro where she is working part time. Along with my sister Alex. And soon to be Keeley's husband Will.

The boss was out of town and I think Kee should be very honored that she was left in charge. They were so busy when we stopped by at 8 p.m. that they had to go put out the closed sign, they couldn't take any more business that night. So Kee didn't have an easy initiation. And she even impressed two picky European visitors with her steak cooking skills. Way to go Kee. And Alex for helping work the behind the scenes.


Marty Wombacher said...

Wow, looks like Kee had her hands full at the grill. That menu has stuff I'd love to try!

Britta said...

I want to work there too.

Also, when I read the sentence about Will, I thought you meant that he was soon to be Kee's husband. Had to read it twice - and - what the? Do those people know how to have free time?

But I still want to join them.

Sue said...

I too was confused about the sentence about the soon-to-be-husband. I was like, wait a minute...I thought they were married already? I had to read it MORE than twice to get it. I thought they might be renewing their vows or something!

And I thought Kee was vegan. How the hell does she know how to cook a good steak, at least without vomiting?! hahaha

Kari said...

Marty I think you would enjoy it, they have great buffalo burgers.

Sorry to confuse everyone with my sentence structure lol. NO everything is fine with Keeley and Will :)

B - I don't know if you heard that Alex and Will aren't working at Lynda Lee's anymore, so they are just moving the family affair over there. And if Keeley gets the promotion at work, she won't be able to do both so Will will take over her shifts.

Sue - She is still vegan so I'm not sure how she grills :) But I did have some of the leftover ribs, and they sure were yummy.

Maiken said...

I was very proud to see Kee and Allie working it like pros!

Wade The Rascal said...

You've made me very hungry. May I request a steak, medium well, next time Keeley is in town?