Friday, August 13, 2010

Foto Friday

In case you just stumbled across this and don't know a thing about me, I have a thing for the mountains around here. They are my church and they replenish my soul. I needed some soul replenishing and made sure to get some this past week.

On Saturday it was too cold to take the kids swimming so we took them up to Devil's Kitchen. Maybe the shortest "hike" ever. But its along the Nebo Loop so worth the drive.

Will at Devil's Kitchen with his favorite new toy, binoculars from aunt M.
Love me some aspen trees. I wish my camera could have accurately captured the beauty of the white trunks mixed with the dark green of the pine. I really want an awesome camera. And some skills to go with it.

After the drive we stopped for lunch at the Family Tree. I wanted a scone. Some other hands were eager too.

On Sunday after I dropped Will off I went back up to another local canyon for some more.

This is my little look out meditation spot. Again wish I could capture the beauty here. Guess you'll just have to go visit for yourself. Except I kinda don't want to share this particular spot.

On the drive down the canyon I spotted this little trail off to the side up to a meadow.

This is the location for my new home. The forest service will let you just build on their property right?

The drive to my new home.

Found a beautiful little waterfall.

Which led me to something not so beautiful. And if you are in the mountains this is why they say not to drink the water without knowing whats upstream.

But not to end on something sad (and I decided to not post the close up of the maggots), here is a happy, although scary looking, mountain cow.


Britta said...

I literally let out a huge sigh when I saw those pictures. I miss the mountains so much.

I also miss scones - if you tell someone out here you want a scone, you get the English kind. Good, but not the same idea.

Marty Wombacher said...

Great shots of the mountains, Kari! Your Devil's Kitchen is a lot prettier than our Hell's Kitchen, that's for sure! And I never knew there were mountain cows! Shows what a city-dweller feller I am. That scone looks great! Oh, and thanks for not sharing the maggots!

Wade The Rascal said...

Excellent pictures. You don't need a better camera; Just learn whatever editing software is on your computer. You can spice those pics right up.

Bethany said...


Swede_Lady said...

We did see some mountain cows with attitude. The views at the top of the loop were amazing.