Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Hills Are Alive...

I really should be in bed. 6 a.m. is gonna come quickly. But I'm on a high and can't sleep right now. So instead first I'm gonna send out a little friend love. About 20 years ago Becky and I both took the pipe band class in jr. high. I don't remember exactly when we started hanging out, but we were inseparable in high school.

We moved on to be college roommates for one semester till Becky decided Weber wasn't for her. Life took over. I got married, she went and did really cool things like move to Russia. Neither of us are exactly the best about staying in touch and have gone through stretches of up to two years without talking. And then we do, usually thanks to Becky. And its like we never stopped. Because we are those kind of friends. The kind that you will always be friends with.

We have laughed, fought, cried and talked all night. And sometimes you just really need those friends. The kind you don't have to be "on" around. The kind you can just relax around and be yourself. Becky is one of those friends for me. And I need those kind of friends even more right now. Becky shares my love for all things Great Britain. And men in kilts. I wonder if that's because we were both in the pipe band, or if that love was something that drove us to the pipe band.

One thing that Becky knows about me is my love for hippie guitar music. So I didn't even question when she asked if I wanted to go see a concert with her tonight. It was the group Swell Season who you may know from the movie Once. Which I never actually saw, but definitely need to. Especially now. You may have heard their song Falling Slowly which won an Oscar.

The concert was part of the Outdoor Concert Series at Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake. We are both too cheap to have actually bought tickets so we sat on the free loading hill up above. Not the best view of the stage, but still close enough to hear and enjoy.

The paying people


But a great view of the entire Salt Lake valley

And it was especially beautiful at night

The band was awesome even if the wind messed with our sound quality a bit and then the people around us got a bit too chatty, but it was a fun night and a new band added to my music rotation. I commented to Becky a bit of my music snobbery during the concert. I think that there is too much music today that is over-produced, over-studioed, over-recorded type stuff. Now don't get me wrong there are plenty of pop songs that I will blare on the radio. But if you can't perform it live, well....but if you can stand on a stage with just a guitar and a microphone and touch my inner being, that my friend is the sign of a musician.

And I had a great night with a friend, listening to musicians.


Bethany said...

Oh Kari,

Thank you so much for sharing this event with us. I put the movie Once on my netflix queue and want to buy their album. The music is so passionate and lovely.

Sounds like you and Becky had a wonderful time. The way you described your friendship with Becky reminded me of the way I feel about Britta.

Britta said...

Funny - I was thinking the same thing. Bethany is definitely a friend I know I'll have for life, even if we end up being separated at some point.

I've always enjoyed temporary friendships too - the different people you worked with that made your day better - but there is something special about the few that stay with you.

I'm happy you are reconnecting with Becky again. And I love that song too - need to go do some downloading.

Marty Wombacher said...

Sounds like a great night with a good friend. Nice! I'll check the movie and band out.

Wade The Rascal said...

Really great song. I dig female singers who can play the piano and female piano players who can really sing. Probably explains my affinity for Tori Amos.
Looks like it would have been a great concert--cheap seats or not.

Maiken said...

Mom and I fell if love with this movie and music the first time we watched it and it's stuck with us. I keep forgetting you haven't seen it so now it's on the top of our movie list! I would have loved to listen to this concert. Makes me wish I lived in Salt Lake again. :)

Kris said...

Oh, you need to see Once! I loved it. There was just something so, for lack of a better word, nice about it. And there was a version on Falling Slowly that Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze did on America Idol last season that I adored, even more than the original. I think it's on the playlist on my blog. Go check it out.