Saturday, August 21, 2010

Foto Friday

I'm still awake, so its still Friday. My sister Maiken and I took the kids to the county fair today. It was not as fun as last year. One reason was that it was close to 100 today and that just is never good. And they only had about half the carnival rides that they did last year and I of course noticed that after I bought tickets. Anyone going, I have some left if you want them!

My camera also wouldn't turn on. I really wish I did more environmentally friendly things, but I have to say rechargeable batteries suck. Luckily Maiken had her camera with her but I wasn't familiar with hers and some of the pictures are definitely lacking. But I think you will still get the idea of the joy of small town america.

Going on one of the rides with Will because he was scared

According to the tag this is "Bunny Bread". Ummm, ok. Maiken and I are going to look into having Will and Lucia submit something next year for the fair. I think they have a good chance.

Need something to do with that pile of old newspaper? How about a gun

Or maybe a replica of the twin towers and a plane flying into them. This was more than disturbing. And so was the fact that it got a blue ribbon.

There were also several displays of Legos that Will was in heaven over. Nothing compared to last year, but he was still walking around saying "I just can't handle it!" I need to get this kid to Lego Land. He might pass out from excitement though.

And a visit to the Swat van.

I didn't end up taking any pics of the animals. Because it was hot. And smelly. And I just wanted to leave. But here is a memory from last year of the Lets Get Physical rejects which did make another appearance this year.

I never thought I would say this, but I was a little disappointed that Will was not interested in going to the demolition derby this year. He said it was too long. Guess I need to find another way to get my hick on fully for the year.


Kris said...

I think we should take Will and Ethan to LegoLand. They would have simultaneous heart attacks, but they would be thrilled!un

Kari said...

We should! I think Will would enjoy it much more than Disneyland. THAT would be his magic kingdom.

Maiken said...

The fair had a lot less variety this year even in the chickens and rabbits. Will and Lucia are going to rock the fair next year! ;) AND they will have tactful entries (insert shame at seeing the twin towers sculpture).

Marty Wombacher said...

Jesus, the fact that that Twin Towers sculpture got a blue ribbon is funny and scary all at the same time! Hope the fair is better next year.

Kari said...

Marty my sis Maiken said you just summed up Utah there, funny and scary all at the same time :)