Friday, February 4, 2011

Foto Friday

I got the body of my new camera, but not the lens yet. I've had a very busy week and haven't even had the chance to take it out of the box. Maybe next week. So more random for today.

This right here is some high quality parenting

I got my hair cut a new way today and colored a new way. I love, love the color. I tried to take a pic, but I couldn't get one I liked. This gives you a glimpse at the new color. Its more of a red brown than I had before.

Additional randomness, in this pic if you look close enough, you can see the little white dot that appears every day by my eye. It just wipes off, but will return in the exact same spot the next day.

And because I haven't grown tired of talking about my shoulder, here is the latest. In case you don't read my facebook page, this week I had needles stuck in my shoulder. They are still there. The best way to describe it is that it is similar to acupuncture, but they stay in your arm. I have to keep them in for three days. They don't look like much, all you see is a little metal ring that sits on my skin. Coming down from the ring is a small needle poking into my skin. I have four of them circling the injured area.

Its a weird feeling because I can't feel the needle itself, but my arm really aches. I can't wait to take them out tomorrow and see if I feel a difference. I said this on facebook already, but as weird as this seems I'm really glad to be going to a dr that tries different things instead of just giving me pain pills and telling me to let it heal. I know several people with lasting problems because of shoulder injuries. Hopefully mine won't be lasting.


Marty Wombacher said...

Hey Kari, this post is up twice, so I'm commenting on the top one. The hair color looks nice but I think I'd freak out with needles in my arm. I have a phobia about needles. Anyway, I hope it works and that your shoulder feels better.

Kari said...

Thanks for the heads up Marty, I hadn't noticed! fixed. And you don't notice, so you might be ok. We'll see what the long term diagnosis is.

Britta said...

I hope it helps! Dr. Hansen may have terrible taste in football teams, but he's pretty awesome in every other way.

Wade The Rascal said...

I'm still so excited for you to start shooting pics with a new camera!
The white dot by your eye is crazy. What could it be? I wonder if you have a gland that is hooked up to the wrong place? haha.
The pins? Craziness. You are tough. I'm definitely not opposed to most "alternative" medicines, this one included. Let us know if it works.