Monday, November 3, 2008

Ella Bella

This is a little late, but Happy Birthday to Ella Lisette Schroeder. She is the big 2 today. I remember when Britta told us she was pregnant, we were at my parents house and I was holding Will in my arms. I screamed, very loudly, and Will cried for like 20 minutes because he was so scared. Just to be the same as her cousin Lucia, she made the delivery pretty difficult on her mom. I guess the Huntsman genes breed stubborn girls. But I think everyone would agree that she was worth it.

I can't tell you how happy I am that I am living in an age of the internet, blogs, video cameras and youtube videos so that I still feel like I'm part of her life even though they moved so far away this summer.

I don't know if she could get any cuter, but she seems to be every time I see her. Ella's going to be a big sister next year and if the new little one is anything like Ella, Britta and Tom are going to have their hands full, but with some damn cute kids. Happy Birthday Ella (Bella Bella to Will), we love you!


Grampi said...

Yes Indeed, Huntsman genes reek of stubborness. But when combined with Craig genes, and each of the subsequent paternal genes, they will over the long-term evolve to best utilize that stubborn core. Blessed are each of you! And to all, welcome to the Celtic New Year!

Britta said...

Aw. That made me all weepy. Very sweet of you. It actually made me think of when you told us you were pregnant with Will. I started jumping up and down, screaming because I was so excited. :0)

And isn't it appropriate she's wearing a Phillies hat in that picture?

Tracie Bramhall said...

She is so cute. What a beautiful little girl.