Friday, February 26, 2010

Foto Friday

Well hopefully I get up the desire to write about something else during the weeks or I guess I'll have to rename my blog Foto Friday.

On Monday I went for a walk along a section of the Provo River Parkway Trail during lunch. I was very intrigued by the way the people who live along the river make sure to take advantage of this feature. Excuse the through the tree shots. I felt like I was some stalker so didn't stand there for long trying to get these. I need to find out how to not focus on the tree branches but things behind them. Here are some examples of life by the Provo River.

Maybe a peaceful relaxing afternoon just watching the river flow by

Or a leisurely swing (can't really tell from the pic but the swing steps out from the deck and is suspended above the water.)

A suspended patio to entertain on

Or maybe a hammock accompanied by the weirdest mesh of sticks and wood and quite possibly some sort of tree hut. Who knew Provo was so classy.


Swede_Lady said...

I'm not sure about that swing or gazebo over the river, but I like the idea a seat to enjoy a view of the river.

Andrea said...

I worry for the structural integrity of some of those inventions, but it's a cool idea. I liked the pictures. keep em coming!

Dad MjH said...

Definitely keep posting your Journey!

Sue said...

The coolest thing of all is that you took notice of all this, whereas other people would just pass it by. That's awesome, Miss Kari. I look forward to next week.

Wade The Rascal said...

You were wondering about focusing on what's beyond the trees: You need a low f-stop number and then put a point of focus on what's beyond the trees. Not sure if your camera does it or not. That'd be how I'd do it with mine. Provo River is AWESOME.

Sharon said...

Kari, you and Kris take the best pictures. Maybe in the future you two can work together. She has the same goals of getting a great camera and taking photography classes. But in the meantime keep it up. Look, you have already had two pictures published! How many people can say that. Oh and by btw, I thought the photo of your flip flops in the snow was fabulous.