Friday, February 26, 2010

Thank you for holding

One of my duties at work is the cell phone coordinator for our department. I had a mistake on our last bill that I needed to have cleared up. While looking online for the contact info they had a feature where you could chat online with a customer service rep instead of calling. Since I hate talking on the phone, I decided to give it a try.

I log in and Rahbib asks how he can help. I type in my question and it takes a very long time for a reply. And the reply is oddly formulaic. Like, "Thank you for contacting us. How may I be of assistance." I type my question get, "Thank you. Let me make sure I have this correct. You have a question about your bill." Ummm...yeah. "Ok, let me direct you to the correct department for assistance with that." Ok. This little transaction took like 5 mins to happen. I think I may have been "chatting" with a computer generated response.

After our lovely discussion I get, "You will need to call the billing department at..." Wow thanks, that was extremely helpful. Glad we had that chat. So I call the billing department. While on hold, this is the recorded message, "Don't want to wait on hold? Try our online chat and talk to customer service rep without the wait." Awesome. You guys are so damn helpful.


Corey Lambert said...

I feel you on this post and I'm getting annoyed just reading about it.

Maren said...


Sue said...

Is it wrong that this made me laugh hysterically? Stupid world.

Sharon said...

I laughed too, Sue. We are sick and twisted. But I feel for you, Kari.