Saturday, February 27, 2010

Start your engines!

As part of my, I'm gonna try and not sit at home feeling sorry for the fact that I never leave the house phase, I signed up to take a community class through UVU. I was thinking maybe I would look at their photography or pottery, maybe guitar, very maybe dance, but none of those worked with my schedule. So......I am the latest enroll-y in Basic Automotive for Women.

I can't say I don't know anything about cars, I mean I did just change my head light, but my knowledge is pretty limited. All those nights of holding the flash light while my dad worked on our cars didn't seem to rub off much. Maybe because my mind was wandering towards boys.

I tend to feel a huge knot in my stomach whenever I have to take my car in somewhere. And my dad has called more than one place for me. A lot of this has to do with a level of social anxiety, but hey having a little more knowledge can't help right?

I did get a little nervous just looking at the campus map though and trying to figure out where I will need to go, where I can park. It says you will bring your own car and be hands on. Looking at the map I don't see where I get my car to the building? Its a huge building which part do I go to? I might have to do a walk by next week before the class starts. I'm already dreading walking in that first day not knowing anyone.

I wonder if we will have homework? A test? I didn't think this through very well. Good thing I already paid, I'm committed. March 9th is when it will all start. I need to clean my car before then.


Swede_Lady said...

I'm excited for you!

Sharon said...

That is so cool, Kari.

Andrea said...

That class sounds so COOL! I totally know how you feel about being nervous and anxious. I totally have anxiety when going into new situation where I don't know anyone too. I wanted to try out a new aerobics class. I walked to the building that it was in. I couldn't find the class room. By the time I figured out which room it was in, the class had already started. I felt so stupid walking in late when I didn't know anyone, I turned around and walked back to work. Pathetic? Probably. But, oh well.

Lucy said...

Great! Next time I have to put a starter in my car, maybe you can help!

Britta said...

It gets easier - this trying new things stuff. I promise.

I think it's awesome - good luck!

Tom said...

I want to know how your class went. Next time you come out to PA, I'll put you to work on the Jeep... I'd like to install a lift and sway bar disconnects. Ask your teacher for some pointers for me.

Kari said...

Tom, the class was good but the teacher spent half the class talking about the Toyota problems. (he worked for Lexus/Toyota for like 20 yrs.) BTW - the problem isn't the pedals, its just a quick fix. But I didn't really care to know all the details. I'm hoping tonight he will fix my alternator belt but I'm guessing my take away knowledge is going to be more along the lines of being able to point stuff out.