Thursday, July 1, 2010


(warning: this is a very long story for really one line)

My boss, who I love, is the biggest sucker for cell phone ads. There has yet to be a new smart phone that has come out that he hasn't asked for. Sometimes I'm able to avoid the conversation just by saying, that's not an AT&T phone. Sorry. Although I'm not. And sometimes we have the, there is nothing wrong with your phone, talk.

That has led to him changing it up and now I know when he has seen a new phone because suddenly his phone is having "issues". Well today karma kicked his ass. His phone died. The day before the biggest weekend of his work year. Awesome. I may have uttered "karma" and "never cry wolf" just a few times.

Luckily for him I had just ordered him a new phone this week because they were having a great Blackberry special this month. There was a chance that it could come in today, but not a guarantee. Problem was he was supposed to be taking the rest of the day off and going to Park City with family since he will be working straight through the holiday. I set him up with a temp phone so he could still at least get calls, you'd think I took away his puppy by making him use a non-Blackberry. The horror.

Guess he is luckier than me, cause it did come in. The phone would need to charge and then IS would need to sync the new phone with the Blackberry network and our IS department is not known for their quickness. I called him and told him to bring back the temp phone because I would need the sim to finish the set up. Meanwhile I have put the battery in the new phone and had it on the charger.

He gets there with the sim, and I can't get the battery out. I have 3 other people try and we can't get it out. Crap. The user manual was so helpful. Gave 4 pictures showing how to insert the battery and for removal it said "remove battery". We discuss using a screwdriver but I'm afraid to attempt that and ruin the brand new phone. Figuring we were all missing something, I sent my boss to the mall to ask at the AT&T kiosk. And to take his old phone and see if there was any way they could transfer over his contacts, they were not saved to his sim.

He comes back with the phone. And the battery still stuck inside. This is the interaction he had:

phone guy: (attempts to get the battery out, can't) She must have glued it in
boss: She didn't glue it in
pg: She must have glued it in because that is the only explanation for why it would be stuck like that
b: She didn't glue it in

Really? That's the ONLY explanation? I'm a moron?

pg: You could try and use a screwdriver or something to get it out
b: Why don't you try that right now
pg: I'm not gonna do it
b: Why?
pg: I don't want to void your warranty and ruin your phone

Awesome. So he brings it back to the office, gets out the screwdriver and the battery pops out. Surprisingly it wasn't glued in! While he was gone we pulled out the second phone we'd ordered for a co-worker and tried that battery. It went in and came out fine. My best guess is the lip over the battery was just a little too long on boss's phone. I tend to avoid confrontation at all costs but I can't tell you how badly I'd wished I was the one that took the phone down to the store.

Public Service Announcement: you shouldn't glue in your cell phone battery. Or assume that a customer service specialist will be good for anything more than a laugh.


Wade The Rascal said...

My phone isn't exactly the dinosaur of cell phones, but it comes really close.

Kari said...

I'm with you Wade. If my phone didn't have issues I would keep it forever!

Marty Wombacher said...

What's a sim? This is how much I know about cell phones. Isn't it funny how little service most customer service people provide?

Andrea said...

That phone person is an idiot. "She glued it in, that's the only explanation." What a fool!

Kari said...

Marty - its a little card type thingy that slides into your phone, under the battery. If you save your contacts and things to the sim when you get a new phone you just slide the sim in and you have all of your contacts and your number transferred over. Not all phone companies use them though. Sadly I'm required to know more about cell phones than I care too as part of my job.