Friday, April 8, 2011

Foto Friday - Orderville Visit - The Desert

I've never liked the desert. I prefer green mountain valleys. Recently I got a package from a girl that lives in Kansas. She mentioned in her letter that the longer she has lived in Kansas the more she has come to appreciate it for what it is, instead of disliking it for what it isn't. Instead of focusing on the fact that its not beautiful mountains, she focuses on the expansive fields of sunflowers in the summer.

I feel like that statement really applies to how I'm trying to change my feelings about the desert and see the beauty that is there, instead of just wishing there were aspen trees everywhere. We didn't get the chance to do much sight seeing or hiking on this trip, but I was still able to see some beautiful areas just by climbing the hill across the street, and on the picnic visit at my sister's work. And my baby sister Alex just got a job there too, so bring on the Best Friends love!


Britta said...

Ooooh! So pretty! I love the desert and miss it. Red rock makes me happy. The tree and the tiny flowers are my favorites.