Friday, April 29, 2011

Foto Friday

It's two days until May and my mom's flower pots have snow in them instead of flowers. It might be the first time I've heard this in Utah, but our mountains really don't need anymore snow. This spring has been so weird that I'm interested to see what the summer is like. All I know is that this weather is affecting my mom's ability to plant her garden, which means my ability to benefit from her garden is being compromised. That is not a good thing.

When my parents moved to their current house almost seven years ago, I remember my mom being worried about all the birds that had been accustomed to being fed by her. It didn't take long till the new house had just as many birds benefiting from my mom's love for them. In this shot alone there are over 30 birds. My mom should have stock in bird seed.

On the way to my parents today I passed a field with six baby horses. Fields of baby animals are one of the best parts of spring but I felt bad for them as the snow was rolling in.

And on the horse subject, this horse lives down the street from my parents. When you walk by he comes running (trotting? galloping?) to the fence hoping you have a treat for him. This was the best picture I could get because he kept trying to eat my camera strap. Today I stopped and gave him a little grass and as he was leaving he started bucking and then did the horse equivalent of jumping in the air and clicking your heals. It was seriously the weirdest thing I've ever seen a horse do. I think he may have had mud in his hoofs, but who knows.

And on an Easter note wrap-up, one of Will's Easter gifts was a Star Wars watch like the one my little sister's roommate has. Will's favorite part of it, the fact that you can actually attach Lego's to it. Cause this is the most useful watch I know I have ever seen.

No, not enough things on your wrist? How about adding another clone so the other one has someone to battle?

And yes he had to change into his Star Wars pajamas before he could wear the watch.


Marty Wombacher said...

Great photos, Kari! That was funny hearing about the horse dance!

Anonymous said...

ditto marty...KOC...


oh yeah that watch...far out...

Britta said...

I want that watch.

Boo for snow. Yay for horses.

Wade The Rascal said...

I really love that 2nd to last horse photo; the one with the horses and baby horses standing together. Plus it's my old neighborhood; the place where I grew up.
Darn those colts are cute!