Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Orderville Visit - Dog Town

I'm going to try and not post all 45 pictures I narrowed down from the couple hundred I took on our weekend trip to Orderville for my brother-in-laws birthday. But I like taking photos, so I'm going to break it up into some smaller posts each day and then put more up on my flickr account.

The first batch is going to be from Saturday. We had planned to go out and do some hiking, wandering but my niece woke up sick. So sadly Lucia and Maiken stayed home. Instead of the hiking/wandering Will and I tagged along with my mom, Willie and Alex to go have a picnic lunch with my sister Keeley at her work.

Even though I talk about it a lot, in case you are the one person that doesn't know, Keeley works at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. If you've ever seen Dog Town on National Geographic Channel, that's where she works. And here we are at Dog Town.

We picked up Keeley and drove to Angel's Landing, one of the spots on the back side of the sanctuary. Its a beautiful little spot with wonderful views that look out over some of 33,000 acres. The only sad part of the visit was that I wasn't able to find Curly my horse buddy. I'll have to have Keeley find out which spot he's been moved to next time so I can say hi again.

And a picnic shot for Marty


Britta said...

I have to figure out how to get down there on one of my trips - it makes me sad that I've never seen where they live/work.

Maiken said...

I'm sad to have missed the picnic. It was kind of an off weekend with Lucia being sick, but time with sisters is worth it...and sometimes crazy cousin fighting. ;)

Marty Wombacher said...

Ha ha ha! Thanks for the Funyuns picture!