Thursday, April 7, 2011

Orderville Visit - Animals

The animal side of the Orderville family is worthy of their own post. There are more animals in that house than people.

Lets start with the dogs. Lola is the matriarch of the family and was the first dog anyone in my family had. If you can't find her, check under a pile of blankets. Lola will go crazy when you first get there until she gives you a kiss. Then she will go back to her blanket pile and you'll forget she's in the room. Sadly they got confirmation while we were there that the suspicious spots on her side are most likely skin cancer. I hope this girl has several more good years ahead of her.

Jackie is the scratch forcer. He will lay on top of you until he has received enough attention. And he's one of Will's best friends. I wonder some times if Will likes dogs more than he likes people, or if he even realizes dogs are not people. Had a situation this visit that helped add to that theory. Will and Jackie were playing and Will must have stepped on his foot or tail or something because Jackie snapped at Will. Something he has never done. He immediately licked Will after and then ran and hide because Will was upset. Will ran over to the couch crying, sat with his arms folded and declared that he was not talking to Jackie until he apologized. Luckily they made up later.

The last dog addition is quite an addition. Iggy is a little camera shy so this was the only photo I got of him. He did warm up to us a lot more this trip even coming up to Will looking for scratches. He is the definition of a gentle giant. You have never met a more quite and peaceful dog.

The extra dog on the visit was my parents dog Zen. I didn't get any photos of him from the trip, but here is in his spot at my parents, making sure there are no intruders (or other dogs) roaming the neighborhood.

And if four dogs is not enough for one house, lets add in some cats. (I have no idea the gender of the kitties so I apologize to their owners)

This is Boshty (that's my best guess at the spelling. also known as non-pirate kitty)

Pirate Kitty has a fondness for the table. But come on he's a pirate kitty, he gets what he wants. He does have a name other than Pirate Kitty but I can never remember it and I just like Pirate Kitty so much more.

Sassafras is the bathroom kitty. If she's not in the towel cupboard or the tub, she is circling your legs while you're in there trying to get you to pet her. Its experience.

She's also fond of belly rubs

You will fight all of the kitties for a place to sit down, and here Snacks is taking his turn

The newest addition is Sandwhich who showed up on Halloween. I've always loved short-haired black cats and Sands is the most friendly of the bunch. I even got some midnight cuddling from him.

Not featured is Grumbly. She had a run in with Zen when they first moved to Kanab and she chooses to not make an appearance when we are around. And that concludes the look into the animal world that is the house in Orderville.


Maiken said...

I think it's spelled Bashti and Pirate Kitty is also known as Ochini- I could easily be wrong as to the spellings. Jackie's personality just slays me- he's a hoot. The kitties, especially Bashti and Sandwich, were quite friendly which was fun.

Marty Wombacher said...

Wow, that's a real zoo there in Orderville! All the photos are great, especially the first one!

Britta said...

I'm afraid I'm just overwhelmed by Lola-news to say much more. That's just way too close to home. I hope she is okay for a long time.

Kari said...

I know Britta, I hesitated to mention it, but figured people would want to know. Kee seemed hopeful about it so I hope it all ends up being ok.