Monday, April 18, 2011


One of the many benefits to living close to my parents, is being able to regularly benefit from my mom's amazing cooking. I've mentioned them here before, but one of my family's new favorites is tamales. There are two things that make my mom's tamales better than most I have ever tried. First, seasoned masa. The masa can be very bland on its own and seasoned it adds just that little extra flavor. Second, is the masa to meat ratio. A lot of times with tamales you can have a bite where you wonder if there even is meat in it. My mom has the perfect ratio for the blend of the masa with the meat.

Will has recently discovered their goodness after finally being willing to try them last month. Every night since then that we have gone to my parents, he has asked if we were going to have tamales and so we had them again this past weekend. He likes them so much we are going to have to narrow down his birthday meal this year because I told him he couldn't have salmon and tamales.

And now a picture path of the making of tamales.

I've been saying that if I had someone to make them for, I might actually attempt making them on my own. Guess that time has come.


Britta said...

You have yourself as well, you know. I do them by myself and I think I said on my blog that it took me an hour to do the masa and then roll them all - not bad. Plus, then you'll have a ton to freeze!

Kari said...

I'm never motivated to cook just for myself. I should freeze a bunch though to keep on hand for Will now that I know he will eat them.

Marty Wombacher said...

Wow, those look good! I haven't had a tamale in years, I need to find one...maybe two!

Maren said...


Kari said...

Maren, my mom has it all typed up luckily, I'll email ya!