Saturday, September 17, 2011

Foto Friday. On Saturday.

We are down in Orderville visiting the commune to celebrate my sister's birthday. Today we ventured out on a hike which we have yet managed to do on any of our visits. We weren't sure how well the kids would do, but beside the point when Will slipped into the mud and immediately claimed he wanted to go home, they did really well.

The hike Will and Alex chose to take us on was to The Crack.

This is what first greets you off the road. Maybe a warning?

Merely a suggestion

I was squatting down trying to take a picture of a plant for my mom when something nudged my back. This guy came up to say hi

The first part of the hike is just meandering through the sagebrush and junipers until you get to the riverbed. This is the part where is starts to get interesting.

Normally it's a dry creek bed that does involve a lot of rocks but nothing too bad. Yesterday it rained though. A lot. And there was lots of mud to try and maneuver around. After Will's slip in the mud, I was warning Alex who was behind me that it looked like this part was in danger of sliding off into the river bed so to be careful. And as I'm saying it, of course right where I stepped broke off and fell away. Along with me into the mud. I was fine but my camera did get a little muddy. Luckily it doesn't seem to be damaged and once it's all dry I think I can get it all brushed off.

The walls on the far side of the Crack, are lined with graffiti carvings. There are so many though that it actually looks kind of cool.

Will challenging the wall to a duel

Behold, The Crack

Alex scaled up into another crack on the left of where the people are. If you click on the picture you might be able to make her out on the left by the trees. Will has also shimmied up there, but the rest of us decided to just enjoy the view from below.

In the spring a waterfall fills up this small pool

Playing in the mud. Because it's ok to poke in, just not to land in.

Mud bubbles

It was a beautiful little hike and the end has a very special feel to it. Maiken commented that it felt like we were walking into a temple. I'm really glad we got to go.

Throughout the hike crows circled above the high canyon walls. And of course every time I pointed my camera at them, they disappeared. When we got out of the canyon, there was a swarm of them, joined by a few vultures. All the pictures I tried to get of them with something else interesting in the shot didn't come out with more than one or two birds. So just a sky full of them. For Wade.


Britta said...

Very cool. I miss red rock. I want that horse to be mine!

Marty Wombacher said...

Great shots and story line to go with them. That last photo is too cool!

Wade The Rascal said...

Looks like an amazing place, Kari. You're always taking cool trips. I might lock myself in your trunk next time I hear of you heading out ;)
And thanks for thinking of me!

Kari said...

Can I change and say that they were ravens because I just realized that's what I meant and honestly from that distance wouldn't know how to tell the difference and feel dumb about it now.

And Wade if you're willing to squish between two car seats, you wouldn't even have to be in the trunk!