Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Willie Boy

When Will was still very tiny he would try and grab my hair while I was curled up in the recliner feeding him. I started making sure I had my hair pulled back because without fail it would end up tangled up in little baby fingers. As he got older the uncontrolled grabbing changed to soft rubbing and it went from an annoyance of getting my hair ripped out, to something that made me smile. When he got even older you would pick him up for one of his famous hugs and his little arms would immediately go to the back of your neck and start playing with your hair.

Will turned six today. I can still remember that precious alone time the two of use had in the hospital. Will wasn't figuring out how to nurse and their only guess was that it was because he was a few weeks early. One of the suggestions they had was what they called kangaroo time. I would strip him down to his diaper and place him under my hospital gown so we had skin on skin time with his tiny body curled up on my chest.

Until you have a kid I don't think you can understand the crazy hormones, the stress and feeling so unprepared. But those moments with him curled up, our breathing matching each other, nothing felt stressful or unprepared. It just felt natural.

On the weekend mornings I usually get up a little before Will does and make my way into the recliner. Will sleepily comes into the living room and curls up in my lap to finish waking up. And after a few minutes I'll feel his arm slide up and reach back to pull my hair over my shoulder. And his still small hands wind it around his fingers. And it just feel natural. And makes me smile.

No changes this year as far as his likes (obsessions) go. His loves still revolve around dogs (especially Jackie), anything army and legos, with a particular attention to star wars. But this is a big year in that he started school recently. I'm so proud of my little inquisitive guy. He still gets his feelings crushed very easily. But that comes from him having such a huge heart that he wears for everyone to see. And I would never trade that.

As much as I miss my tiny little guy, I'm excited to see him grow and learn new things. And someday I know he'll out grow wanting to curl up in my lap and play with my hair, but he'll always be my little kangaroo bug.


Sharon said...

So beautiful, Kari. Thank you for being such a good Mom. Will is lucky in so many ways.

Kris said...

Happy birthday, to as Ethan calls him, Willie-man!

Marty Wombacher said...

Really nice post, Kari! Great photos! Happy birthday to Will!

the Lady said...

Oh... he was so tiny. Thank you for sharing these photos. I love that he loves your hair and I'm sure that you will miss those times when he crawls up on your lap to play with it.

He's getting so big! Happy birthday wishes to Will.

Britta said...

This made me cry! He is such a sweetheart - and I adore the hair thing - none of my kids do it so I really love that I get to be Will's auntie and be a recipient of his love some times.

Happy Birthday WVW!