Saturday, September 3, 2011

Foto Friday

On Tuesday a friend of mine suggested looking on after we talked about needing to get out more. After about 2 minutes of looking I found a local photography group that looked like something I would be interested in. They were having their next meetup on Thursday at the Payson carnival. Seemed perfect. I signed up and RSVP'd for my first meetup. Stuff like this gives me panic attacks so I knew I needed to make a commitment right away or I would likely back out.

So Thursday I went off to meet my new group and hopefully learn from the experience of the group. Sadly there was some bad info and although the carnival was setup on Thursday, it wasn't running yet. We agreed to go at different times during the weekend and hopefully still be able to get some good shots to share. Although I was a little disappointed our shoot didn't work out, it was nice to meet some of the people so I won't be as nervous next time.

I then realized that while putting my purse in my trunk so I didn't have to carry it around, I had put my keys in my purse. And my spare was also in my purse. Awesome. My mom and dad came down to help and after a valiant but unsuccessful effort, embarrassed I called the police for assistance. With the use of their fancy tools (and my mom's spatula) we were able to get my car unlocked. Thank you police! Later that night my computer crashed (I'm having to borrow Will's), so not exactly an awesome night.

We took the kids to the carnival tonight and thanks to Maiken entertaining the kids, I was able to try some shots on my own. After a call to my dad for some tips, I did walk away with some nice photos. There were some things like my carousel in motion shots that all failed, so I would like to go another night this weekend and try again. But not bad for one evening.

And my friend Wade is going to be teaching a beginner camera class that I am extremely excited about! Helpful tips to be showing up in future foto friday shots.


Wade The Rascal said...

Kari, you have MADD SKILLZ!!!! I LOVE the first one of the ferris wheel; it simply must be framed at once and hung on your wall. And that last one, with the smoke in it; tell me about that.
I saw you shooting from across the way while I said hi to Maiken. You looked busy at the moment or I would have come bother you. But we moved along to the caterpillar roller coaster. I'll have to tell you about that experience sometime. Haha.
I LOVE your pics. You've got an eye, that's for sure.

Kari said...

Thanks Wade :) My dad helped me edit some that I honestly didn't think were that great of photos. But in the end I'm happy with what I got. The one with the smoke they had a fog machine going and turned off the lights during some of the ride and just had a strobe light so I'm lucky I even got the smoke in the shot. I have a couple others I'll have to post them to my flickr account.

Maiken said she saw you guys. I was getting some tips from my dad over the phone because I was getting really frustrated at that point. Would love to hear about the roller coaster! I think we tried that one time and after the screams we've never been back :)

Marty Wombacher said...

Great photos, Kari! That first one is amazing. I'm with Wade, you've got a good eye for photography. Sorry to hear about the keys, I used to hate when that happened. Luckily for me and the rest of the world, I don't drive anymore!

Britta said...

I love all of them. I think I agree with everyone else that the first is the best.

I once took a golf club out of a truck parked next to me in order to open my car - the window was down just a bit and we had locked the keys in. Totally worked. Thanks random person next to me with clubs.