Friday, September 23, 2011

Foto Friday

Wrap up of the last day of our weekend trip. On Sunday we went with Will to feed the animals he was house sitting. A friend of theirs has 40 acres just outside the east gate into Zions National Park.

Their spread

When we turned onto their road, someone was trying to make a run for it. Luckily Will was able to get Feather to come up to him with the temptation of an apple and get him (or her not sure) back behind the fence where he belonged.

Also running around was Wacko one of the alpaca's. But apparently you can't keep him locked up so he is left to roam as he pleases. While we were there he decided to go into the fenced area and made it clear he was ignoring us.

Alpacas do love showers though to cool off. So he did come up willing to Will to get drenched with the hose.

Long Legs wanted some water too. Apparently he broke his neck and it's not quite right. He couldn't lift it much higher than you see in this picture. He was one of the saddest animals I'd ever seen.

The other two horses. The closer up pics all had sun spots, but the white horse is covered in brown freckles and is very beautiful.

One of those times when I really wished I had a longer lens

It was a great visit and I'm really glad we were able to go down.

A little country fun on the way home

My dad Monte had asked if we would stop in Fillmore on the way home and get an updated picture of a Huntsman family home. Our pioneer ancestors settled the town of Fillmore which used to be the state capital. The home happens to be on the market which meant we were able to look in the windows and walk around the back yard. It's a beautiful home which I would LOVE to own, except that it's in Fillmore.

I had my second photo class being held by my friend Wade. I'm going to be sad when it's over. Our assignment last week was to take the same shot but adjust the F-stop to learn more about how that particular setting works. The F-stop is basically the field of focus. A low number will have a limited field of focus, the higher the number, a larger field of focus. Out of the 3 main things you need to adjust when shooting in manual, the F-stop has been the one I haven't really figured out. This assignment actually really helped me to understand it better. These were one of the sets of shots I did, and it's just a cool van so wanted to post them. See if you can tell the difference (click on it to see larger.) The first one has the lower F-stop of a 4. The second one is moved up to an 11. (the tree and back hub cap are good places to see the difference) (actually now that I look at it posted, much easier to tell with them printed than on here. Just take my word for it :)


Marty Wombacher said...

Great photos, Kari, that looked like a wild spread you went to with all the animals! And the hippie van reminded me of the '60's, used to see them everywhere, I haven't seen one in years. Great Foto Friday!

Britta said...

I really want to visit Orderville before they decide to move to another commune. I don't really use my f-stop either - you've inspired me to try!

Wade The Rascal said...

What a great house!!! Looks like a very fun trip. I'm always saying it; you always have the most fun. You're my idol!