Friday, September 30, 2011

Foto Friday

First a little photo catchup. I forgot to post this from our commune trip. When Will and Alex worked at the coffee shop, they became friends with the group of old guys that come in every morning. One of the guys invited them over to his house and ended up giving them a bunch of records from his collection. I should have spent more time looking through them because it's fun to see all the covers, even if you don't know the album. I picked out a few though that I liked to take a picture. I love that the commune prefers records and it was fun to listen to them while we were making dinner.

This sign is in the bathroom at a restaurant I sometimes go to and it just makes me laugh. Because if you have to be told that something is common decency, a good chance you don't give a shit.

Last week in photo class we talked about leading lines and using them to draw focus to something in your photo, or to just lead your eye through the photo. It was actually harder to go out and just find something without setting it up than I thought. The examples Wade showed us in class were in an orchard and of train tracks so I wanted to avoid using the same thing. So of course where I went I was surrounded by orchards and train tracks. These are what I got.

The other thing we talked about is the rule of thirds. As with most photography rules, there are definitely times to break them, but a lot of times your picture will be more interesting if the main focus is not in the middle, but at a point horizontally or vertically broken into thirds. Our assignment was to take one photo with the subject in the middle and then the same photo using thirds. I think this is a good example of how the thirds picture is more interesting.

This week I was a bad student and bailed on class because I got invited last minute to attend an Erasure concert. Luckily I think Wade forgave me and we are going on an early morning shoot tomorrow up the canyon. Maybe that's my punishment for missing class, having to get up at 5:30 a.m. The concert was awesome though! I can't say I'm a huge Erasure fan, but we had The Innocence album growing up and regularly listened to it on Saturdays while cleaning. It will always remind me of that. And hearing it at Lagoon in jr high while waiting for my friends to go on the roller coasters because I was too scared to go.

I wasn't able to take photos in the concert, but we went to Bar-X after just for a few minutes and I loved their glowing wall. The bar was bought by Danny Devito and re-done. I'd never been to it before, but it's a cool little bar now. And from what my friends said, a great improvement. They didn't have any of the kind of drinks I usually order so I asked the bartender if I could just have something girlie (I'm such a lame drinker), and she came back with something she just sort of threw together and it was really good. Sign of a great bartender! Overall it was a really fun night. And worth getting less than 4 hours of sleep before work for.


Marty Wombacher said...

I had every album in that picture except for the Jim Croce one. Loved the white picket fence photo and that bar looks nice and dark, I think Al would approve! Great post!

Britta said...

Dude. It took me a year to find good copies of those Beatles albums. And I want that Jim Croce and the Rumors album. Love the Pics. Also-I am. Huge Eurasure fan! Who needs love like that?! So jealous.

Kari said...

Marty, I wondered how many of them you'd owned, I figured most.

Britta, I felt a little guilty going knowing you were such a big fan. I will say I'm a bigger fan after seeing them.