Saturday, July 31, 2010

Foto Friday - Fight Night

Ok so its not Friday but I doubt anyone cares and honestly I have been unmotivated to really go out and take photos. Partly because my camera has been acting up and partly because it is so damn hot and partly because I'm lazy. But there are some photos in this post, so I say it counts.

Fight Night Part II

I spent the night watching fights on the high school football field. Not your unruly teen behavior, but an organized MMA fight sponsored by Team Unbreakable. My friend Wade was fighting and since I went to his last fight, I really wanted to go support him again.

They set up a cage on the football field which actually worked out really well. Nice to be outside and lots of stadium seating.

Wade's fight ended in the second round with a guillotine choke hold. Sadly on him, not by him. But his was the first fight to go to a second round so that was good. I know he was disappointed but he did a great job and gave a good fight and it was fun to watch and be there.

Wade is a great guy and a very genuine person. And it was a lot of fun to see him fight again, even if he was the non-winner. And hey the main event didn't even go 2 rounds, so ya got that!

The highlight of the night was the 2 girls that fought. I'll tell ya what, girls know how to fight! They were awesome. A lot of times during most of the other fights the guys spend a lot of time sort of waiting to make a move. And nothing against them, but man those girls were in it the entire time. And it made for an awesome show. They went the full 3 rounds and it came down to a judges decision. They were definitely some kick ass girls! Sadly once it started getting dark the pictures went down in quality pretty fast.

The second to last fight was also very entertaining. In the horrible train wreck kind of way where you can't turn your head while watching someone get their face smashed. But man the guy that lost held in for all three rounds and pushed it to a decision. There were many times when we were thinking you just need to tap out, but he just kept getting up and taking it. Wish I had some video of it. That guy was amazing for being able to stand up after that.

And I can't believe I'm talking about how entertaining it was to watch a fight. Little pacifist me. But both times I have gone I have had a lot of fun. Thanks to Becky for going with me and thanks to Maiken for watching Will. Especially after he got stung three times by a wasp and my mom heart broke leaving my little hurt bug.

Besides that last part, a great Saturday night.


Wade The Rascal said...

Love this post, Kari. And I like that you refer to me as "non-winner," rather than the loser. Haha. It's a milder way of putting it.
Good pictures, too. Yeah, the lighting sucked, unfortunately. It didn't work out to have the photographer put his own lights up on the cage. He still managed to get some good stuff with his flash I guess.
Anyway, yours is probably going to be my favorite report of the night. I'm glad you liked the girl fight; I'm not a big fan of girls beating on each other. But these two girls are classy Mixed-martial artists and I loved seeing the sportsmanship.
Thanks for coming again. It's nice to have the support.

Marty Wombacher said...

Looks like you had a fun Friday night. Sorry Wade was the non-winner, but it sounds like he put up a good fight. Great photos and post and I hope Will's wasp sting is healing up.