Friday, July 23, 2010

Foto Friday

For my 2 readers who might not be up to date on Utah culture, this weekend is a state holiday. The 24th is the day that Brigham Young led the mormon pioneers into the valley and declared, "This is the place." In honor we take a day off work and get to set off fireworks.

To kick off the holiday weekend a friend and I ended up at a local pub, The Deerhunter. Cause what better way to celebrate a mormon holiday than to hang out at a bar. It was a fun relaxing night without a crowd, probably due to all the city weekend festivities.

Looking at their website it looks like they have bands every weekend and I might have to swing by again sometime soon to check that out. It also looks like the MMA fighting group my friend Wade trains with has done a fight there before. Maybe I need to explore a little more to find little gems like this.


But if you can't make inappropriate advances at a bar, where can you?

The side room where bands perform:

The bar is one big log cabin which is my dream place to live. There are three large rooms and a large outdoor patio (where I was attacked by mosquitoes). I only took a picture of this room because no one was in it and I didn't want to go around snapping photos of people. Marty has a little more experience there than I do. And my camera sucks at dark/inside pictures, but you get the idea. Not that I'm a big drinker, but surround me with wood, and I'll be comfortable hanging out there. And will return.


Marty Wombacher said...

Thanks for the shout out Kari and this looks like your kind of place. WOOD! Woot woot! The warning label the bar puts up cracked me up! Have a great hollerday weekend!

Britta said...

Yeah. You asked for the wood joke. ;) The 24th is so boring in PA.