Friday, July 2, 2010

Foto Friday

Winner winner, chicken dinner. No sadly I have not won the lottery. Apparently you have to play it to win. Or something. But close second, I won our work's employee photo contest 2 months in a row! Now in all fairness I'm pretty sure there are a total of maybe 4 people each month that participate and last month I may have been the only one. But still a winner!

And with this high honor comes great things. An copy of your picture in the employee newsletter. Try to control the jealousy. But it actually is kinda cool even if its not a big deal. They started this in March and each month they would announce a theme. Some of the months I didn't participate because I couldn't think of anything with the theme. And I have only submitted one new picture that I took just because of the theme, and that one didn't win. But the qualification is that you took the photo, so it doesn't matter that they aren't new. Behold the winners:

June: All things Provo (I mean seriously guys)

This is up Provo Canyon. The mountains in Utah are definitely the highlight. This was last fall on a hike (walk) to Bridal Veil Falls. This is looking across the canyon from the falls.

July: Summer Fun

First Ball Game

This was last year on our first visit to PA. We went to a ball game to watch the Harrisburg Senators. Its a cool field because its on an island in the middle of the MIGHTY SUSQUEHANNA. It was Will's first ball game and this was his first hot dog at a ball game. Definitely a milestone here.


Marty Wombacher said...

Great photos, Kari! Both of them are winners (chicken dinners!)

Britta said...

I was really happy we had the Mets hat for Will to wear. :)

We were just down at TMS yesterday - it was looking exceptionally mighty.

I think it's awesome you won the contest twice - shoot for 3!