Friday, July 9, 2010

Foto Friday

Fridays are normally spent hanging out at the folks. However the stomach flu is floating around there and next week happens to be the deadline at work for the end of 2 hellish weeks. I'm not gonna have a spare hour let alone be able to call in sick for work so I didn't feel like tempting fate.

Instead Will and I had a night out by ourselves. I let Will decide what we would have for dinner. His request, salmon. I love that about that kid. So off to a local Japanese place for salmon. Then a surprise from mom, bowling. Will had been "playing" bowling with his legos earlier so I figured he would be pretty happy, he was.

And who knew, it was Rock n Bowl night. (sadly laser lights do NOT help my game)

I happened to bowl my worst game ever. I should have had them keep up the bumpers for my turn too. Will slaughtered me. And of course the shame was made ever greater by the fact that the lane next to us was occupied by 3 attractive men.

After the first game Will seemed to be going strong so I asked him if he wanted to keep playing. He said yes, I went and paid for another game. He bowled 2 more frames before giving in for the night. I finished the round for both of us and it didn't get much better. Final scores.

Notice all of those --, lots of gutter balls for me. I'm ashamed. But it was still a fun night out with my little bug.


Anonymous said...

I have my own rules for bowling if i know over no balls I win!
I suck at bowling.. really really suck... people like to bring me along caus eit makes their game look good. I once went as a ball holder for my friend at the big reno womans bowling match...

Marty Wombacher said...

I'm a bad bowler too, but I still like to hang out at bowling alleys. Trouble is, there's not too many in Manhattan. Nice photos!

Wade The Rascal said...

Once again, you win the coolest mom ever award.

Kari said...

Wade could you talk to Will and convince him of that? He is not in agreement with you lately. Apparently things like making him go to bed trump any coolness factor I have during the day. Ahh, kids.

Britta said...

We went bowling last month and I was insanely bad. Oh well - it was still fun to watch the competition between the two Red personalities: Tom and Bethany.