Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Those Days

Today I found out something at work that made me very happy. We have regular pickup in our office of recyclable white paper and newspaper. We get so much junk mail and catalogs in our office though and I feel bad throwing them away. So I have started saving them and taking them to a place that recycles them on my own. Except like everything else in my life they tend to pile up till overflowing before I actually take them.

So very happy to find out that we now had some city recycling bins outside that take everything. I immediately went and wheeled one over to our office and ended up filling two. Yeah I had quite the stockpile. On the second bin someone threw something in that wasn't supposed to be there. So I leaned over on my tippy toes to try and get it out. And in the process the front of my shirt got caught on a sharp edge and ripped. Awesome. And I have very few shirts I wear to work so that really sucked.

My boss said that's what I get for recycling. He prefers the trash can. I said I was willing to give up my shirt for the betterment of our earth. He rolled his eyes. I really didn't want to take the time to go home and change so looked around for what we have. Fortunately in our office we always have extra sport shirts. Unfortunately we didn't exactly have any I wanted to wear for the rest of the day.

The least bad option was a leftover girls softball shirt. So me and my Racers shirt hung out the rest of the day. I guess I lucked out that was the team left, the Juggernauts were all gone. Luckily working in a recreation office its not that weird for me to be wearing a jersey. Yet every single person I came in contact with would give me a weird look and asked, Why are you wearing that shirt? And one person said that in combination with the loose cargo pants that I was wearing, that it looked like I was wearing pajamas. Awesome.

Ok so not the end of the world, just me being a little vain. So late in the day we get an email that the ADA is having a reception in our lobby and they have lots of food and invited all the employees to stop by. So Shellianne and I wander up to see. There is some art on display and Shellianne and I look around at it before grabbing our food. One of the artists comes up and is talking to us about his stuff and shows us a photo album of his work. As we are talking a reporter there decides since we are the only people there not with the group, hey lets take a LOT of pictures of them talking.

So not only did I get harassed at work for my shirt, it will now be in the paper tomorrow. Luckily no one reads the paper.

Edited: I guess my shirt scared them off, they didn't use our pic in the paper. Maybe I should wait till the paper comes out before I go around telling people I'm gonna be in it.


Britta said...

What is up with you and pictures getting published? I still think it's awesome.

Dude - Jonny still really wants a rec shirt. :) If you send it to me, I will get it to him. Or you could send it to his mom.

I HATE throwing away things that should be recycled. I've carried trash home from parks so that I could put it in our bins. It makes me sick to think how much we threw away in Utah - they really need to get in the game. Our recycling equals our trash - I think that's awesome.

Kari said...

Thanks for the reminder! I need to get that ordered for him!!

Marty Wombacher said...

It's cool you recycle, it's a law here in New York, so there's no choices unless you want to pay a fine. You ought to see if the paper will email you a photo and post it here.

Kari said...

Marty I wish Utah was more ahead in the recycling realm. Of course they are behind pretty much in everything. There are some cities that have curb side pickup, but if you live in an apt. like I do, you have no option other than the very limited drop off options.

And yeah, those pictures will just remain unseen by the public.