Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's the little things

My favorite part of my job is when you have one of those moments where you feel like you actually did something to make someones day just a little bit brighter. That feeling of going the extra mile and feeling that it was appreciated. What I don't like about my job is when you want to physically hit someone upside the head.

Lets say its like the 5th phone call you have had with someone about a park. And lets just say that twice you have sent them maps and directions on how to get to the park. Now they are from out of the immediate area but lets just say they are from I don't know, 30 miles away. And maybe you felt like the first 5 phone calls involved a lot of explaining of where things are and how to get to places and just you know a lot of things beyond the average call.

So maybe they ask for directions that they can pass out to the people coming to the conference because they will be from out of the area. So maybe you could give the nice lady directions from their specific hotel to the specific park. Because maybe the lady has never used the internet and doesn't know how to obtain said information on her own. And maybe she calls you after receiving online map, plus written out directions, plus a link to the online map that she can forward people. And maybe she says that she doesn't really know how to read the map.

Well maybe some time is spent explaining the map and the directions and directions in general. And maybe a heated discussion is had about how if you exit said hotel onto Center Street that you would need to turn right to be going west. And maybe you have to repeat too many times the there is no Freedom Blvd exit. And have to listen to her keep saying I think I'm supposed to be on 100 west street. And maybe after you walk her through the route block by block maybe she asks if you could send her a map and directions that she could hand out to the people coming. So maybe you swear very quietly and go to a different site to get the same map and same directions because its sort of the same route. And maybe you send her this:

And in return get this:
help.. dont understand this map.. can you give me a call?

And maybe you just don't have one of those days where you feel like helping people.


Britta said...

Hahahaha! Yeah. "I didn't know I had to pay for this ticket." "I thought my court appearance was optional." "I didn't know it was against the law to hit someone and then leave."

I really don't miss Those People.

Shelbot said...

she was pretty dumb but it did give us all a good laugh. (i was gonna call her an idiot, but that seemed a little harsh)

Andrea said...

At that point it's time to just give up on her. It's amazing that she understand how to even use a telephone in order to call you.

Wade The Rascal said...

Where I come from, she is what we affectionately call, "A Pain in the Ass."