Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lucia, Looch, Shaba

My niece Lucia turns 5 years old today. Being the first grandchild born on our side, she has grown up with the personality of a typical first child. She is incredibly stubborn, strong willed and very independent. She started out life that way coming a week late. Even if that wasn't enough for her mom she put her through 20+ hours of labor that then resulted in a c-section. I'm still a little upset about that because I was going to be in the room while she was born and I don't know if I will ever get that chance again. I waited alone while my mom and Keeley accompanied Maiken into the surgical room. They brought Maiken back about an hour later, but it seemed like forever before I got to see the baby. At one point I started a chat of "We want the baby, we want the baby", and she finally was brought in.

I instantly feel in love with that sweet little girl with the huge blue eyes. Growing up I always had wanted a boy first, but it was because of Lucia that I ended up being very excited when they told me at first I was having a girl. Lucia loves to hear stories about when she was a baby, and one of her favorites is the time she pooped on me, but this one is my favorite.

A week after she was born we were at Britta's house for the baby shower. Maiken had just gotten out of the hospital the night before. Not what Britta and I had planned for the party considering Lucia was a week late, and then Maiken had an extended stay for a c-section and infection. At the party Maiken's incision started leaking and I drove her to the emergency room. Lucia came with since at the point she was just nursing. I hadn't realized that we were going to have a five hour waiting time ahead of us. Luckily Lucia slept the entire time, taking some stress out of the situation.

I just couldn't put down that little girl and ended up holding her the whole time. While waiting a nurse came by and stopped to look at the baby. He asked Maiken if he could hold her and she said yes. He pulled over a stool and sat down cradling Lucia in his arms. She was fast asleep. He started quietly talking to her and said, "Little angel open your eyes." For the first time in hours her little eyes batted open and then she drifted back to sleep. He looked up at us and said anyone who doubts the existence of god should hold a baby. It was a small little magical moment in the middle of chaos.

So as you grow older and more independent Lucia, I will still look back fondly on those times of rocking you to sleep in my arms. And will wait with anticipation to see the strong woman you will become. Happy Birthday.


Swede_Lady said...

Thank you, Kari. I loved reading your memories of Lucia. She laughed and I cried- a good cry.

Britta said...

My favorite Looch memory was watching her take her first steps in our living room. I was so happy to be able to witness that adorable grin as she tottered over our living room rug.

I also love the pictures we have of her watching sports with Tom.

Love you Looch!

Kristen said...

Wow. She is adorable. And time flies. I remember when she was born, and remember you telling me how all of the nurses were in love with her because she was such a beautiful baby. What a great story to share with your niece.