Saturday, June 6, 2009


Amish Country. Luckily Britta has been to Amish area enough to have scoped out all of the good places, so she knew right where to take us. Intercourse, PA is the best place to see "authentic" amish stuff, although I do love the name of the town Bird In Hand. There is a little area called Kitchen Village where they have lots of little shops all together so you can just wander between them.

We started out with a yummy lunch and then headed over to the cannery where they were making yummy smelling strawberry jam. The kids got to decorate a cookie and Sophie was taking in her sisters footsteps of charming the locals.

In the little village area that was a cute little playground and petting zoo. The kids enjoyed the break from stores where they just kept being told, don't touch, hold my hand, don't touch.

I was unable to get a picture of my favorite part of Amish Country. While at this little park an old lady came riding by on a Jazzy scooter. It was awesome and some how seemed to breaking several of their rules. Then just a quick drive through some of the farm land. By that point I had kind of had my fill of car rides with two tired toddlers.

I did think it was cool to see a couple of tractors being pulled by horses. Very authentic Amish.

And I'm not sure what to say about these signs that were everywhere in Bird In Hand.

Or the local elementary school, just seems wrong.

Tom had decided he wasn't really tempted by another trip to Amish Country, so had stayed home to work. But he had a great toy waiting for the kids, bubbles!


Britta said...

I have never noticed the brake signs or the smoketown stuff - probably because I'm always the one driving and watching the road. Pretty awesome.

Sophie looks like a serious chunk in that picture - and to think that I worry if she's eating enough.

Kris said...

How lame am I that one of my dream vacations would be to Amish Country? I'm jealous!