Saturday, June 6, 2009


We finally had a day with no rain so it was good time to take the kids to a local park that Will had seen pictures of the year before, and since then wanted to check out. There were a ton of kids on a school outing there, but besides that its a pretty cool park. It had lots of fun play structures in the shapes of a train, plane, boat, castle and fun things for the kids to do all along it.

Will's favorite though was the cool swing. It was really designed so that handicapped kids could swing, but Will thought of it as his own personal lounge chair and didn't want to get out.

Monday night it was off to City Island to see a baseball game of the local team the Harrisburg Senators. You walk out to the island on a big bridge and it was a pretty cool view to be out there. It was kids night which meant the kids ate free and got a little major league truck. Luckily for Will they were passing out Mets trucks. Tom was not as excited for Ella to own one.

They have two mascots for the team, the first one was this weirdo river monster creature thingy.

And then just a dog. Which came and sat in front of us for a bit. Ella was very willing to give him a high five, Will was cowering under my feet.

Sadly the home team lost, but it was still a fun night and both kids had a great time.


Shelbot said...

that is one big bite of hot dog.