Saturday, June 6, 2009

RTF Wrap Up

The trip was coming to a close. A breakfast of animal pancakes (and trucks for Will) and the packing began. A nice lunch at the chain Panera and off to Philly. We had added time to deal with traffic but it looked like we were going to be cutting it close once we got in those traffic jams. One thing I did notice on the way into Philly is that they have an over abundance of mile markers on the high ways. You know here in Utah we have them, say every mile. Not there. They had them every tenth of a mile. Maybe just a tad over kill.

There were a few other signs we passed through the week that just make you think, hmmm. Such as signs warning of DUI Drivers in the area and to make sure you don't tailgate because there are Agressive Drivers in the area. hmmm. One last peaceful moment in the car.

A quick tearful goodbye and we rushed into the airport with three minutes to spare for the required check in time. In Philly we were not ushered into a secret shorter line and had to wait out security with all the regular people. Will hated going through the security and having to take off his shoes. Not sure why since they are the first thing he takes off in the car.

We make our way to our gate and begin the wait. I thought it was weird that our flight was not yet listed at the gate counter since it was supposed to leave in only 20 minutes. I figured they must just be a little behind maybe because of the weather. I tried eaves dropping on the people around me just to see if I could here anyone else talking about Salt Lake or something that would ease my mind that something didn't seem quite right. I heard one guy talking about how their flight was delayed and figured it must be the reason our flight wasn't listed yet. But as it started getting closer and closer to the time we should be leaving I started getting really anxious. When another flight finally appeared at our counter I got really nervous. I decided we needed to go check the main flight list and see what was going on.

Good thing I had because they had our flight was now listed at another gate. Awesome. I guess I was the only one who didn't hear the message over the intercom system that just sounds like a bunch of rambling sounds and not actually any words. I was the last person to get on the plane. Awesome. At least we made it. We had another uneventful flight home and Will was much more interested in what was going on with the plane this time. I guess he was the only one actually watching the safety video because when it was done he was very interested to know where our air masks were in the ceiling and where our floaty things were.

We had discussions about the engines, where the luggage was, why we had to wear seat belts, the drinks they gave us, the expensive food we bought, why we had to put away our stuff when we were getting ready to land, why we weren't flying over Springville, etc. No nap on this flight. Luckily when we were waiting to exit the plane it turned out Will and his questions were very entertaining for the people in front and back of us. Glad someone was entertained.

So now we are home. Back to our mundane lives. Britta and Tom were very welcoming hosts and I felt very comfortable in their home. Thanks for all the fun, the great food, and the memories. I would love for this to become our new summer vacation. It was a wonderful trip. And I hope to see this view soon again.

And in the meantime, Utah, can you PLEASE get me some Diet Ginger Ale!?! Come on, it exists, you just need to get it on the shelves. Please. Pretty please. And some of this root beer would be nice too.

And for those who aren't completely vacationed out, you can see many more pictures here.


Britta said...

I was so nervous about you guys making the plane. I'm glad you did!

You two are welcome back here as often as you'd like. We loved the company!