Saturday, June 6, 2009


National Aquarium in Baltimore, here we come. The plan was to drive part way there where we could then catch a train (light rail) into Baltimore. The train left every 15 minutes but we were trying to make a ticket time at the Aquarium to beat the crowds, so we had a pretty tight schedule. Of course that meant that as soon as we left both Britta and I had to pee. And the kids were fighting pretty much the entire trip. And about 10 miles from where we would meet the train, the gas light came on. So you know, just one of those days.

Luckily we met the train with about two minutes to spare and the kids had a great time on it.

We reached Baltimore and after an emergency bathroom trip, made it to the aquarium to meet our ticket time. Supposedly Sundays are a quiet day there, but those crowds were more than I'm comfortable with. As soon as we started walking to the exhibits Will asked if we were going to see any sea anemones. Who knows, Nemo maybe? I told him they might have some and just smiled as we kept walking through the exhibits and seeing the smiles as Will kept asking where the sea anemones were. Luckily they had a whole tank of them. Sorry about the photo. I suck.

My favorite was the Jelly Fish Invasion. Too bad they are such harmful little creatures, cause man they are beautiful. And probably the best pictures I got the whole trip.

After touring through all of the exhibits we made our way to the gift shop. All I wanted was a magnet of one of the exhibits that Will or I really enjoyed. Oh no, there were none. Now if you wanted a National Aquarium magnet with a kangaroo on it, yes you could get that. But one with a jelly fish or sea anemone? Not happening. Ella did get a cute little plastic jelly fish and I was hoping that would be what Will would pick, but he wasn't interested. He wanted a shark. While standing in line to buy the shark and a lame magnet I found, Uncle Tom found Will an even better shark. A Ginormous Grow Shark! One of those little toys you put in water and they expand. Will thought it was the coolest thing ever.

I should have stuck with the little plastic shark because the grow shark was disgusting. First off you have to read the fine print that it can take 7-14 days for the shark to reach its full size. What the? This wasn't a teeny little shark and I'm not sure who wants to have a large bucket of water hanging around for two weeks with a gross slimy shark in it. But Britta did come through with a bucket and every morning we would go in and check on its progress. They also don't tell you that it looks like its getting cancer as it grows. Should have gotten a picture. I was very tempted to "accidentally" leave the toy behind. But it was very cute to hear Will keep saying "Ginormous" the rest of the week. Which he had actually already picked up from Britta the first day.

And finally, another successful trip.

The night ended with more reading of the same books, but this time by Uncle Tom.


Britta said...

I will never forget how badly I had to pee on the train ride in to Baltimore. That was horrible.

Wade The Rascal said...

Kari, it looks like your trip was amazing and so much fun. I love the pictures. I'd love to visit that part of the country someday.