Saturday, June 6, 2009


On the agenda, Little Buffalo State Park. We had a picnic lunch in the park and then onto swimming. At the picnic I had my first taste of Appalachian Brewing Company Root Beer. Best root beer ever. Tastes like the homemade stuff we used to have every year at the stake bbq. We had forgotten to bring a bottle opener, and they weren't twist offs. Tom's shoes to the rescue! Yes Tom owns a pair of flip flops that have a bottle opener on the bottom. We were introduced to these wonders while visiting family in Boise a little while back, and they came in handy on that day.

After the picnic we wandered over to the pool. Will being small for his age worked in my favor because you only pay if you are above 38". Luckily Will was just under. Someday when he complains about inheriting his parents lack of height I will remind him that those short genes saved me 5 bucks one time.

They had a regular pool with a few fountain toys in it and two water slides. Then also a large area with just fountains. A quick check of the pool and I determined that it was not warm enough outside to be tempted by unheated water. Luckily Will was happy to play in the fountains, so I could just watch. He made a little friend and they had a great time attacking the water as it came out of the fountains. He also had a lot of fun sitting on the fountains.

Ella on the other hand only wanted to sit and put her feet in the pool. Nothing more. She waddled around and kept repeating that no she did not want to go in the water with daddy, she only wanted to sit and put her feet in. For some reason it made me think of a little 80 yr old lady.

When we went to dry off after playing in the water for awhile we found out that a bird had flown over and pooped on Will's towel. Awesome. The weirdest thing about the pool was that I'm guessing because it is in a State Park, there were several park rangers that kept wandering in and out. I wish I would have taken a picture of them. But it is a little disturbing to see guys carrying guns wandering around the pool. I mean I don't know how crazy it gets what with all the splashing and running and fun having, but I'm pretty sure the life guards had it under control. I am guessing that the pool walk through is something that gets volunteered for quite readily. Maybe they were just checking to make sure there weren't any immodest swimming attire if you know what I mean.

On the way home from the pool I got to listen to the kids cd Maiken bought for Ella and finally hear the classic Poop Goes In The Potty. Yes this is a real song. And you can enjoy it for yourself here. I also got to see the Statue of Liberty. What? You didn't know it was in Pennsylvania? Well check it out for yourself. Sorry about the quality, there wasn't anywhere to slow down or pull off to get a decent picture.

Turns out its some sort of 9/11 tribute. I also got the first of several more to come pictures of a successful adventure for the day. Nothing better than nap time.


Britta said...

Ella was totally an old lady at the swimming pool. Big floppy hat and all. Too bad it wasn't about 5 degrees warmer - but I still had fun.