Saturday, June 6, 2009


Britta had something planned for each day of our trip. If toddlers weren't involved we could have gotten through several in one day. But it was nice to be able to sleep in each day and just take it slow around the kids schedules.

The schedule was a tour of Harrisburg. We were greeted by a pretty heavy rain storm as we left, so it was good that we were just planning a car ride.

Man I love that view from their driveway. As much as I love the rain, it did damper some little hearts who just wanted to go to a park and play. Britta drove me by some of the houses they had looked at and a quick trip through the ghetto, where they hadn't looked. I feel ashamed to admit this, but before my sister moved there, I had no idea that Harrisburg was the capital.

There are a ton of churches in Harrisburg, very pretty rock churches. You can definitely see the European influence in downtown. Nothing against modern technology, but they sure don't make churches like they used to.

The tree was sort of in my way, but these two were on the same block. And it seemed at least every other block downtown had one. By the time we reached downtown the rain had let up so we let the kids get out for a bit while Britta fed a hungry baby. I walked down the block with the other two kids to get our first view of the MIGHTY SUSQUEHANNA! It's required that you refer to it in that way.

The kids were very impressed.

This is a view out to City Island. A large island in the middle of the river that houses baseball and soccer stadiums along with other amusement things. We would attend a ball game there a few days later. But for today it was on to more touring of the town and a quick visit to Target which surprisingly ended with crying toddlers being dragged to the car. Home for a very yummy dinner of Gyros on the porch. I think one of the things I am going to miss most about the trip is having to cook for myself. And I usually don't go into the effort that Britta and Tom did.

Will was very eager to get in on Ella's nightly rituals and I'm pretty sure I have those books memorized as well as Ella does.


Britta said...

You definitely got to experience our rain - all types. It gets old, except for the thunder storms.