Thursday, October 30, 2008

Party, party, party

Well it's not even Halloween yet, but I have fulfilled my Halloween quota for the year. Last Saturday my friend Jenny invited me to a Halloween party at her sister-in-laws. I was her date since her husband was out of town. It was a lot of fun, and with some prodding Jenny got me to try karaoke for the first time. It is definitely easier when the other people there have already made a fool of themselves, and you don't really know anyone else there. We were playing the American Idol karaoke game, and for those of you who haven't played it, it follows you along and rates if you are on tune, adds an interesting element to it. Thanks again Jenny for the invite.

Today at work we had our annual work Halloween Party. Since most of us don't work on Fridays, we celebrated today. We moved the location to the Park Maintenance shop and they hosted. For the first time, a lot of the parks guys actually dressed up. They decided to all pick a general theme for their costumes, hillbillies. I think so many of them dressed up because the theme wasn't a stretch for a lot of them :) I wish I had taken some pictures at the party, I'm hoping someone else got some. We had a good lunch and played some games. I can definitely say that today was not a productive day for any of us at work. We did take our annual Arts Center steps photo, but as usual we didn't get everyone in the photo.

After work Maiken, Lucia, Will and I all went over to The Center's annual Halloween Carnival. My camera was being weird and I didn't get any photos that weren't completely blurry :( The main attraction this year was a 1/4 mile long maze that filled the entire gym. They did a great job on it, and it was a lot of hard work. While helping to hang the black plastic for the walls, and then decorate, I continually got lost. Which I took to mean it was a good maze. If the people creating it can't get out, what chance does the public have. We got there right after it had opened and went staight to the game room. I'm glad we did, because after the next attraction we came out to a line of at least 50 people for the games. We had gone in to see the magic show. Cheesy, but the kids definitely liked it. I sat on the last row because I didn't want my hat to block anyone. I was kind of surprised how many people walked in during the show and just stood straight in front of me. Most of them were kids, but come on people, look around. I guess social skills are definitely something that you have to teach your kids, they don't really seem to pick them up on their own. By the time we got home I had been in my costume for 14 hours, and was done with Halloween. It's been a fun day, but I think right now my kitty ears are all I can think of getting up the energy to wear tomorrow.

My little accessory

I do have to say that I really liked having dark hair. I have never liked my natural color and always wanted to be a red head. I have never wanted black hair, but I was quite fond of it today.

Caution: if you are going to use spray on hair color, this is what happens to your skin where it touches:

You would be scared if you saw what the tub looked like afterward.

Well, Happy Halloween everyone. Hopefully I will get lots of sleep tonight so that I will be re-energized for the actual day.


Maiken said...

I really liked your costume and Will's- and of course the one you let me borrow. As much as Lucia's costume was convenient it lacked quality. Maybe if I start sewing in June I can get one done for next Halloween.

Andrea said...

Kari, you look great! I am digging the black hair! And Will looks as adorable as always.

Britta said...

You would look great as a brunette - go for it! I really, really miss dressing up at work. In fact, the year that I worked at the costume shop and I dressed up the whole month? That was my favorite. I'm sorry our kids couldn't trick-or-treat together this year - that totally blows.

Tracie Bramhall said...

You look great as usual for Halloween. Love the costume! Is that Shelli behind the green mask? I am sad that we missed seeing everyone this year, maybe next year we will stop by. We headed to New Jersey on Halloween this year. It was exciting.