Monday, October 27, 2008

Little things

Will is going through, what I hope is a phase, where he gets very upset when Pat is not at home. Considering that at those times I am home with him, it makes you feel kind of bad as the "other" parent. You know, that one that you don't really mind when they are gone. So I get a call from Pat today that Will wants to talk to me.

Will: Hi mom (in his very sad, slow voice) I'm just having a hard time cause you at work.

(I think, wow, it is nice to know you are missed, even if it means he is sad right now.)

Pat and I talk a little, then in the background Will: Wait, I have ONE more question (giggling now as Pat gives him the phone again)

Mommy, I love you

It really is the little things that can change your day around.

*UPDATE 10/28*
Today Will told Pat he wanted to come see me at work. Pat drove to Provo and when they got there, I had already left for lunch. Pat called me on my cell to see if we could meet up. When he told Will they were going to go meet me somewhere else, it turned out Will didn't want to see me, he wanted to get candy from my office. Upstaged by candy...guess affection is a day to day thing :)


Susie said...

My hormones are so nuts lately Kari, so I'm not sure if this is hormones or true emotion talking--but this post made me tear up a little. It really is the little things.

Andrea said...

That's so adorable!

Swede_Lady said...

Very sweet! Those little things really do go a long way. As for your update- at least he initially came to see you AND the candy. Perhaps when you weren't there he was willing to settle for candy. Maybe next time I watch him and he asks for you I'll test him to see if he is really crying for candy. ;)

Britta said...

Tom is definitely the parent Ella misses the most, but he is also gone more. When he leaves she cries, when I leave she says "bye mom!" Although it makes it extra special when she gives me her "loves."