Thursday, October 16, 2008

Boredom at it's best

Slow week at work + boss at conference =

Basically a way to try on all those hairstyles you have been thinking about. See what you would look like in yearbook pictures from 1954 - 2000. Finding a picture that works well is a little difficult, and you find out pretty quickly if your face is not completely symmetrical or too skinny for this project. (sorry Shelli)

Just in case you wanted to know what Pat and I would look like in 1954:

I think this is pretty hot. I might have to try rockin this look. Umm...sorry Pat, I couldn't resist :) You look a little old for high school.

My second fave:

And Pat looks way too much like his dad back in high school:

And here is "special" Pat:

Just to be fair:

And in case you ever wanted to know what I would look like with a fro:

Or what I would have looked like if I had sported the Payson bangs:
(and this is the look from my graduation year)

And lastly, what I actually looked like in high school. Man I can't believe how much my hair has changed! :)


Britta said...

Wow. Pat is one hot 60 year old man in that 50's picture - I like your fro the best.

You look exactly the same as you did in High School - and that's a compliment. Thank the lord, I don't!

momof11 said...
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Megan said...

It was my post that I deleted. I was signed in under my mom's account so my user name was momof11. I should hope not!! :) These pictures made me laugh so hard!! I'm totally going to check out this website!!

Shelbot said...

I haven't given hope. I'll find a picture that will work.

Susie said...

Pat frightens me in all the pictures. This is hilarious. And yes, he looks like Dad. Creepy.